Working late again

Working late again tonight paid off! I’m finished the July QFAH top AND I pieced the flannel back too so it’s all ready to load on the longarm in the next day or so. It’s quite large – 79×99 and that’s even after I decided to eliminate the two small inner borders and just add one framing border. I don’t have a photo because there’s not good place to take a picture of a quilt this large at night so that will have to wait.

As I was finishing up, I looked outside and saw it was snowing…..I wonder what it will look like in the morning? It would be neat if there was some real accumulation.

7 Responses to “Working late again”

  • Gail:

    I miss looking out a window to see the snow coming down- I just don’t miss driving in it or dealing with it. Enjoy yourself, hope it comes down just perfectly to suit your whim. I’m happy that we finally had a little rain down here!


    Mary, I’m wondering what brand of longarm you have? I have a Millennium…if you have the same, I was going to ask you a question about something. Thanks, Connie W

  • Vicki W:

    Cool photo – how did you do that?!

  • Joanne:

    Congrats on finishing!
    Snow — only neat if you don’t have to go out in it! vbg

  • Karen (Misiz C):

    It always amazes me how much you get done at night. Wish I had that kind of energy left at the end of a day.

    Can’t wait to see your July QFAH. And do tell….do the photo graphics require a special program? Very cool!

  • Julia:

    Yes, that is an awesome photo!!!

  • PeeWee:

    You are great at piecing, with jigsaw pieces as well!

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