No sewing again today (at least not yet). I did play around on EQ6 with some house blocks but most of the day was spent playing with photographs.

I bought some frames and albums for the photos I took in Georgia last week. I made one for us and each of the boys….I’m not taking scrap-booking here, just had the photos printed and put them in a simple album.

I also picked up a book on Photoshop Elements at Barnes and Nobles. I’ve been playing with some of the lessons. I love this photo of Adam I took last week. The lesson was creating a poster.

6 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Vicki W

    Joggles has a great class on Photoshop Elements. It’s mostly about fixing and enhancing photos but it was really helpful for me.

  2. Susan

    What book did you get? I have Elements but really don’t know how to use all of its functionality….please share!

  3. Deb Geyer

    That is an awesome photograph! I love the way the warm colors of the trees are reflected in the water next to the cool colors of the sky!

  4. Deb

    I have photoshop elements too, but have only scratched the surface on it’s possibiltites. Where to find the time??

    Your poster looks great!

  5. Evelyn aka Starfishy

    We live in such a jpeg world now that it really is nice to order prints of your digital shots! Especially for the little kids – they love to have mini photo albums of people/pets/places that they can carry around rather than looking at images on the computer. Top on my list for January is getting a few small photo albums together for my son and his MANY little cousins. Oh the photos!



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