Speaking of gifts

Deb gave me a Jelly Roll for my birthday in June and I’m finally cutting into it. I’m making a very simple block – boxed squares is what I call it. There are versions of it in just about every 4th or 5th book I pick up but it’s so simple I just worked up a quick EQ quilt.

I pair up two strips from the Jelly Roll and leaving them folded in half so I’m cutting through 4 layers, I cut – (2) 6.5 inch rectangles, (3) 2.5 inch squares. This gives me enough for 4 blocks two of each combination.

Lay out the blocks and sew.Here’s a quickie EQ6 drawing. Notice how the blocks are rotated – don’t you like how there are no seams to match up?

I think Jeanne made a pink/black/white version of this sometime last year (I looked for it to link to but it must have been on her old blog) . Her blocks were 9 inches finished if I remember correctly. These are 6 inches (6.5 with seam allowances).

10 Responses to “Speaking of gifts”

  • andrea:

    Hello Mary!

    I´m Andrea from Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina;
    You´ve got a beautiful Blog and marvellous quilts!
    We visit your blog with my Great Friend Graciela;
    We are quilters too;
    We met at my house every weeks; (María, Mary, Mabel, Graciela and me) and we quilt all the day! It´s a passion for me.
    I invit you to visit my blog: http://andreapatchwork.blogspot.com
    Sorry for my Bad English
    Talk to you soon,

  • Karen:

    I love the design and that there are no seams to match! How clever.

    What will the project be when it is finished?

    Now I am ready to put my other projects aside and do some Christmas table runners for gifts.

  • Juliann in WA:

    I am so glad you posted this. I have two jelly rolls and I have been trying to think of some simple way to used them. This could be the ticket.

  • Jeanne:

    Good memory! Yes, that’s all exactly right — fast and no matching 🙂

  • Norma:

    Any time there are no seams to match, I am thrilled! This is the perfect design to showcase you jellyroll collection of fabrics!

  • julieQ:

    I have a quilt cut out like this in all batics. I just need to get-er-dun!! My problem is that I need the tops quilted that I have.

    I love your Neopolitan quilt. Very pretty!!


  • Jeri:

    ah! cute, quick, easy! love it! Must go buy jelly roll…. 🙂

  • Karen (Misiz C):

    I love this pattern. I made one for my husband using batiks from a group swap (see my Feb 19 blog entry). It’s so simple I’ve taught it to beginning quilters too. Great idea for using jelly rolls. I’ve got a couple around here somewhere. 😀 Do you know how big your quilt will be?

  • Sandy:

    I, too, love it. I have a bunch of jelly rolls … another idea for next year. THANK YOU

    I wish Deb was my sister too …. my sister doesn’t quilt, shoot she doesn’t even sew (no interest at all).

  • Norma:

    No seams to match………this one has my name on it! How many jelly rolls does it take to make a full sized quilt? I have never bought one but maybe Santa will bring one. (some?) LOL

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