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I’m SO slow!

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I had every intention of finishing the QFAH top today but while I made good progress, I still have about 1/3 of it left to put together and then of course I need to put the border on. Maybe I’ll work some more on it tonight but I’m going to relax for now and work on stitching a binding. The good news is that I’m really liking it. I’d take a picture but I’m too tired to go get the camera and the colors probably wouldn’t show up well since it’s dark already.

JudyL is spearheading a renewed effort in stashbusting among bloggers. I’ve been focused on my efforts for 2-3 years but I admit I have a particular weakness for fat quarter bundles.

My weekly stashbusting report:

  • The Pink/Brown QFAH I’m working on is completely from stash.
  • The backings and bindings for 3 HeartStrings quilts are from stash.
  • No fabric purchases this week.

One of the things that helps me use stash is that I don’t allow myself to *save* fabric – if it works for a backing or binding and it’s not being used in a current project then I use it. One of my backings this week was a fabric I had to push myself to use rather than save.

Reading List

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I had an email from Cecile, a reader of my blog wanting to share some books she thought I might enjoy. They arrived in the mail yesterday. I was going to put them on my bedside table but there turned out to be just enough space on this shelf beside my favorite photo of my sons. I plan on starting them after finishing up a couple I’m currently reading. If interested, you can always check out my current reading list by clicking the link in my sidebar.

The photo was taken years ago by my father-in-law and is always displayed in my house. As you can see from this photo taken earlier this week, they’ve grown up a bit. As always, click on the photo to see a larger view.

Old photos

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I was looking for a photo of an old quilt tonight and came across this one of Deb. This was taken 4 years ago – she came to visit me in GA and tried quilting with my longarm. It wasn’t long before she decided she needed one and well, you’ve all seen her quilting now haven’t you?

I’m feeling so productive – I got the bindings made and sewn on 2 of 3 the small HeartStrings I’ve been working and and even got one hand-stitched down and the label on tonight!

A 3rd HeartStrings top and more swirls quilting

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I quickly quilted freehand swirls on this 3rd donated top this morning. I’ll start working on binding the 5 finished HeartStrings quilts I’ve quilted over the last couple weeks. I also need to assemble my July QFAH blocks – are you all tired of hearing me talk about that quilt?

Keith and I plan on going for a walk later – it’s fairly cold today – 31 degrees right now but it was COLDER last night when we walked 1.5 mile to AND from dinner when it was 18 degrees. Kind of a shock to my system since were were just canoeing in GA a few days ago.

Quilts for homeless families

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Cricket, one of our HeartStrings quilters makes and donates quilts to homeless families in New England. With the help of other group members, she’s getting ready to donate 50 completed quilts and has more in progress to be donated in January. She mentioned that she needs some more kids quilts and since I had recently received 3 small tops from Wanda, another HeartStrings member, I decided I would quilt, bind, and send them on to Cricket to donate.

I finished the quilting on the first top the day before we went to GA and I just loaded and quilted the second one this afternoon. This first one was quilted with a pantograph from Linda Taylor that came with my machine. I hadn’t used it before and while it’s kind of cute I don’t like the spacing on it very much so it probably won’t be used again.

For this second one, I quilted allover freehand swirls which went pretty quickly. On a stashbuster note, I pieced leftover batting for both of them ( I only do this on small quilts because otherwise it’s too much effort getting a large enough piece) and I found a red Christmas fabric that’s been in my stash for ages for the backing on the second one.

My goal is to quilt the 3rd quilt this weekend and then I’ll have 5 HeartStrings quilts here needing binding and I’ll work on getting those sewn on and stitched down while Keith is out of town next week.

Stash Reduction

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I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading after being away for several days but JudyL is focusing on stash reduction and inviting us all to play along.

I keep some stats on my sidebar but since I probably use different criteria for my UFO finishes and my Stash used I’ll probably keep those going and just play along on a weekly basis by blogging about my progress.

Last week just before leaving for GA, I cut binding for 5 quilts all from stash and pulled a backing for the small HeartStrings top I quilted on Saturday.

Heading home

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We head home first thing in the morning but we had a wonderful day with Adam. It’s nice to see how well thought of he is here at the Ritz Carlton. We were treated so well as “Adam’s parents”. We’re very proud of him – he’s just 22 but has been on his own for 2 years since he finished culinary school. Not many kids these days are self supporting at 20!

I particularly enjoyed canoeing/kayaking this afternoon.