She likes it

Chris and Becky got here this evening and she got her belated birthday present. She was surprised so Chris didn’t spill the beans and she liked the quilt. I’ll be sorry to see it leave but at least it’s going to a good home!

14 thoughts on “She likes it

  1. Hooked on Quilting

    Where can I get the Ice Cream quilt pattern? I love the colors, too! Do you have them, as well? Would you share? You did a marvelous job and I want to quilt one just like it.


  2. Kim

    I’m with “Hooked on Quilting”. This is a color way and pattern that I would love to make as well and much of it I can make with scraps! Yeah!

    That big grin on Becky’s face says it all…she will cherish this quilt. Great job, Mom!! I understand the letting go part. Just makes that quilt all the more special, and who knows, a grand baby may snuggle underneath it someday!

  3. Carol E.

    She couldn’t be happier! And I LOVE quilts this size.. a person can cuddle up inside entirely and get super cozy and warm.

  4. Marcie

    What a wonderful quilt Mary! Hope you are nice and warm in front of the fire! I heard about the weather there! Merry Christmas!

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