10 thoughts on “Just how much time can I waste on the computer?

  1. Juliann in WA

    It can be dangerous to sit down at this machine – sometimes I think I need to get a little timer to keep on my desk that will ring to let me know to move on.

  2. Beth

    My son had extra credit last week…and it was cutting snowflakes! We did have fun…but he had to take them back to SCHOOL! I wanted to keep them…::sniff sniff:: The paper ones were easier to do nicely than the computer ones. It also didn’t help that our brand new cordless mouse quit working just before Christmas. Santa didn’t bring a new one …OR fix the old one. I’m ‘mousing’ with a tiny laptop one with a SHORT CORD! ICK!

  3. Janet

    You are inspiring me I am going to have to try a postcard. Yours are very clever. I hadn’t seen them before. Do you actually mail them?

  4. julieQ

    Lovely postcard!! You get so much done, even when you are sick!! I read your every post and am just amazed. i especially love your ice cream quilt!!


  5. meggie

    Beautiful. Especially in our heat! haha.
    I hope your cold is soon just a vague memory, & you are in the Pink again.

    Love & Hugs for New YearXXXXXXXXXX!

  6. Screen Door

    I love this card!!! I may have to sit down and see if I stumble through a cheap imitation. You are really getting good at this…

  7. Joanne

    Ooooh – I love this one! Nice job — great colors.
    I was just debating about the Pajama Quilter DVD — decided on two books instead this time!

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