Just how much time can I waste on the computer?

update: I managed to spend a little time sewing this afternoon. In honor of the snow we’ve been having all week, another postcard for my journal project.

Make-a-Snowflake – Better Homes and Gardens

10 Responses to “Just how much time can I waste on the computer?”

  • Juliann in WA:

    It can be dangerous to sit down at this machine – sometimes I think I need to get a little timer to keep on my desk that will ring to let me know to move on.

  • Beth:

    My son had extra credit last week…and it was cutting snowflakes! We did have fun…but he had to take them back to SCHOOL! I wanted to keep them…::sniff sniff:: The paper ones were easier to do nicely than the computer ones. It also didn’t help that our brand new cordless mouse quit working just before Christmas. Santa didn’t bring a new one …OR fix the old one. I’m ‘mousing’ with a tiny laptop one with a SHORT CORD! ICK!

  • Janet:

    You are inspiring me I am going to have to try a postcard. Yours are very clever. I hadn’t seen them before. Do you actually mail them?

  • Vicki W:

    I love this card! The colors and the technique are perfect for winter.

  • Deb:

    I love the snowflake card! It is perfect. Did you make one for me?

  • julieQ:

    Lovely postcard!! You get so much done, even when you are sick!! I read your every post and am just amazed. i especially love your ice cream quilt!!


  • meggie:

    Beautiful. Especially in our heat! haha.
    I hope your cold is soon just a vague memory, & you are in the Pink again.

    Love & Hugs for New YearXXXXXXXXXX!

  • Ruth:

    Oh, it’s very pretty!

  • Screen Door:

    I love this card!!! I may have to sit down and see if I stumble through a cheap imitation. You are really getting good at this…

  • Joanne:

    Ooooh – I love this one! Nice job — great colors.
    I was just debating about the Pajama Quilter DVD — decided on two books instead this time!

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