Boxed Squares

This is an awful photo but I’m showing it anyway. I finished these blocks before going to Virginia from a Jelly Roll that Deb gave me for my birthday in June. Now the top is finished and it will go on the shelf while I catch up on some of my other quilting.

For those of you wondering, I got 40 blocks from the one Jelly Roll and the quilt is 48 x 60. I considered adding a border but with the fabrics being SO coordinated I don’t really have something in my stash that would work well. This is a very *warm* looking quilt so I’ll back it in flannel and it will make a nice lap size quilt.

Even though the fabric was a gift, it will be donated. I know Deb won’t mind – she knows that most of my quilts are donated. It will probably go for the Angle Tree at my Mom’s church next Christmas. She usually pulls the names of a couple senior citizens and I give her quilts or afghans to add to the present. This year we worked together on piecing two tops and I backed them in flannel and quilted them.

9 thoughts on “Boxed Squares

  1. Laurie

    The photo is just FINE! It shows another great quilt…talk about simple yet neat! Have fun quilting that one!

  2. Juliann in WA

    Beautiful quilt. It is definately on my list to make at least 2 quilt tops to be donated this year. I really appreciate the inspiration that you provide.

  3. Pam

    Nice size from a Jelly Roll. I have several Jelly Rolls sitting here begging to be untied and used up but they will have to wait until I get the Make Over done in My Creative Mind (aka, my sewing room). Fun pattern with fun prints.

    Pam @

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