I impressed myself!

I can’t quilt allover freehand feathers, I just can’t. I want to but have never been able to space them or get the shape right or something.

I finished quilting the blue/gold windmill quilt (ugly quilt#2) and had some space for practice at the bottom. Having watched Dawn Ramirez’s DVD ONE time 2 days ago, I decided I’d try some allover feathers. Aren’t you impressed?? Imagine what they’d look like if I’d actually practiced them on the whiteboard like she suggests! She calls these Wonky Feathers and they’re supposed to look goofy and wonky – I can do THAT! You can click the photo for a larger view.

32 Responses to “I impressed myself!”

  • Vicki W:

    Excellent! …and wouldn’t it make a nice cosmetics bag or other small tote?

  • joyce:

    They look great. I love anything wonky.

  • Caroline in NH:

    Gorgeous! Wonderful job!

  • Deb:

    Great job! SO see you can do all over feathers! Now what are you going to make out of it????

    I am having a ‘community sew in’ in February to make cage quilts for the local wildlife rescue center and the ‘no kill’ cat shelter…so any small practice pieces would be helpful….I’ll bind them and even pay for the shipping…have any???

  • Norma:

    Fab feathers!

  • JudyL:

    Mary! Those look fantastic! I’m definitely impressed and can tell you that I’d be thrilled if my feathers looked half that good! I’m doing a big happy dance for you!

  • Carolyn:

    Wow, you did that after watching the video once? Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • Deb Geyer:

    They do look awesome, Mary. I’ve been working on the very same thing and mine aren’t nearly that nice. Maybe I need to work larger. I’ve been trying to fill in blocks about 5″ square. I probably need to get a large practice piece like you have.

    Good job! Keep up the good work!

  • meggie:

    Wonky is wonderful!

    I really like your new ID pic too!

    Happy New Year Mary, & Joy & Love for 2008

  • Laurie:

    those look GREAT!!! I have ordered the cd…

  • Beth:

    WOW! And I would just be happy if my pantos looked halfway like they are printed! I better get practicing….

  • Patti:

    Very nicely done Mary! I’ve yet to even try all over feathers freehand – just the thought scares me. Would you recommend that I get this DVD? Now that I’ll be retired in another week I’ll actually have enough time to practice and get better.

  • Lindah:

    Wonderful feathers, Mary! I went to the website—-I like yours better!

  • Red Geranium Cottage:

    WOW I think the feathers are great. Can you tell me how to order the dvd your talking about?

  • Anonymous:

    I love those. My DVD from Dawn arrived in the mail today, and I’m anxious to watch it. I’ve heard that it’s better than her first one, which I liked. As for getting the spacing right on the all over freehand feathers, have you seen Suzanne Earley’s books on “Meandering Magic”? They’re great, too.
    Sharon – ssauser@juno.com

  • Ruth:

    I’m impressed, they look wonderful.

  • Sølvi:

    KJempeflott! (Gorgeous)
    Hope to be able to quilt like you some day.
    I am having a lot of trouble with thread-braking today, now I have cleaned my machine, changed needle and puttet the thread in the freezer.

  • Tazzie:

    Wow Mary! Those feathers look just amazing, you’re doing just wonderful work.

  • May Britt:

    I would love to quilt like this. It’s amazing.
    Happy new year to you

  • Gypsy Quilter:

    Great job!

  • Morah:

    Love it. I just may need to order that video!

  • Darlene:

    WOWZER, Mary, those feathers look awesome. Definitely not wonky in my eye!

  • Irene:

    Mary you are so hard on yourself – everything you do is wonderful and those feathers are drop dead gorgeous!

  • Quiltdivajulie:

    I love them! I hope you do MANY, MANY more!!!

  • julieQ:

    Wow, girl!! I’d say you are a wonderful feather quilter!! So pretty, wonky as you say, but as nature would make them, not perfection in rows… I love them!! Happy New year!!


  • Steph:

    Thank you for sharing your accomplishment! They are great looking feathers, I was gifted with the cd so hope some of the magic rubs off on me too!

  • SandyQuilts:

    You amaze me Mary. No backtracking either from what I can tell. Gosh I might have to get that DVD. Thanks

  • Idaho Quilter:

    WOW, those are great. You are amazing.

  • Melinda:

    Great allover feathers. You should be proud of yourself. I need to get Dawn’s DVD – I have heard great things about it but just haven’t taken the time to order it.

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    They are WONDERFUL! Yeah for you!!!



  • Pajama Quilter:


    A friend sent me the link to your blog and this sample of wonky feathers. Great looking!! So fun that you caught on so quickly!!

    Happy Quilting!
    Dawn Ramirez – Pajama Quilter

  • GailM.:

    ok… I’m so impressed, I ordered the DVD…

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