I drove in the snow today!

For the first time since moving to Minneapolis, I drove while it was snowing. Granted it was a light snow and the highways were clear but the secondary roads still had snow and ice on them. That’s a big accomplishment for this southern girl!

While I was out I also stopped at Michael’s to buy some beads. I want to try some beaded crazy quilting but I’m going to start on a small scale with some postcards.

7 thoughts on “I drove in the snow today!

  1. deputyswife

    Good for you! Soon you will be snow driving like a pro!

    I don’t drive with our children when it is snowing anymore. A heavy snow that is. But I will venture out if I am alone, in town only.

  2. Deb

    The above would be me…I couldn’t spell….

    Anyway, good for you, driving in the snow! I probably wouldn’t…I’m such a southern weenie!

    I do hope I’m getting one of the beaded postcards…please? 🙂

  3. Juliann in WA

    After growing up in Arizona, I am with you on not feeling very confident about driving in the snow. But when I do, it is quite a sense of accomplishment.

  4. Kathie

    I was wondering if you would drive in the snow!
    figured you just walked every place. You seem to live close to a wonderful down town that has everything.

  5. Evelyn aka Starfishy

    Living where there is often snow – it is a common for me to drive in snow. I INSIST on very good tires – it does make a big difference. If it is all icy and I am going down a BIG hill – I will often shift into a lower gear instead of using the brakes. However – if it is icy I usually just try to stay home because ice is a whole different story than snow! Take care of yourself out there!



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