Coins and Swirls

I’ve decided that my favorite quilted design on Chinese Coins type quilts are these Swirls from my Circle Lord template. (This is the donated Stashbuster top I showed yesterday draped across the longarm.)

Now that the Swirls are back on the table, I think most of January will be swirls or freehand quilts. ( I have 3 other Coins tops waiting for quilting). I know other people get bored doing the same thing but I like taking advantage of having the templates set up and as long as I do some freehand quilts in between I shouldn’t get too bored. I also need to decide which top to quilt the Wonky Feathers on and I want to try Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD too.

12 thoughts on “Coins and Swirls

  1. Juliann in WA

    I like this quilting too. I am perusing many blogs to view machine quilting as I am planning to send a quilt out for machine quilting for the first time ever.

  2. Elaine Adair

    I can see why you love it – this is just gorgeous. Your photo is well-done. I just love how the quilting lines help to blend and soften the colors.

  3. Norma

    I am with you–once the templates are set up it is so nice to continue with another quilt using the same design. I like to slip my own quilts between customer quilts before changing templates. It saves a wee bit of set up time if I plan on using the same template as the customer chose. Happy New Year!

  4. Helen in the UK

    I LOVE that circle swirl template – so perfect for the straight lines of chinese coins. Looking forward to seeing you try the wonky feathers ‘for real’ 🙂

  5. D2Quilter

    I love the swirls!!! Was hoping that it was a panto, but I guess I better save for a circle lord template. They’re wonderful. You just keep inspirint me!

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