One down

This is the 2nd top that was pieced by Sandra from blocks donated by Stashbuster members and given to me to quilt and donate. I loaded it this afternoon after Keith left and just finished the quilting! It’s too dark in my studio for another photo but this one was taken as I started.

The pantograph is Wandering Daisies by Sharon Spingler. It’s just a tad too wide for my Premier (12.5 inches) but I wanted to use it for this quilt so I just fudged the highest points of the design by quilting inside the lines. It worked well which is great because I really like this pantograph but hadn’t used it since I got the smaller machine.

10 thoughts on “One down

  1. tirane93

    i can see it now. over the next five days while keith is gone you’re going to get about 50 quilts finished! just don’t forget to eat and sleep ocassionally!

  2. pincushionpoints

    I love this pantograph. I have been looking for something special for a purple quilt I am working on. I think this just might be it.

  3. Helen in the UK

    Love the quilting on this one.
    Will keep my fingers crossed on the new house … the last bit of waiting is always for worst 🙂

  4. Judy

    I love all these pantographs, they do such a nice job of quilting! Crossed fingers for the house, all though I’m sure you have heard by now and signed the appropriate paperwork! All’s left is all the packing…not my favorite job.

  5. Tracey in CT

    This looks nice. I’m eager to see a picture of the full quilt when you get a chance to post it…then I can play i-spy looking for my blocks! 😉

  6. Bingo~Bonnie

    I’m intrested in seeing this quilt top full view and currious to see how big it turned out 😉 I remember when she did the 6 challenget ot celebrate 6 years of Stashbusters.

    It was an easy block and I dontanted a few… I wish more members had participated.. with as many thousand members at that group, we could have made book-koos of quilts if so!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. Passionate Quilter

    Another great panto! I ordered the other ones and used one of them last week. I can’t remember the names right off, but am about to use the feather one tomorrow. Thanks for the info!

  8. Desert Threads

    Thank you for the plug Mary. This was my first panto design and I really labored over getting the “leaves” just right. They were easier after that.

  9. *Angie

    Mary, thank you for posting the picture of the Wandering Daisies panto. Pretty quilt! I am just starting a panto collection, and this one looks like it would be a good addition!

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