String quilts

I love it when other quilters and bloggers are inspired to make string quilts and share their results with me.

Saska, at AklaCookiemaker Quilts worked with her local guild to make 17 quilts that will be donated to a local youth shelter. Make sure you click the photo to see a larger view!

You can see another string quilt at Mamaspark’s World – another group effort using the HeartStrings logo designed by Forest Jane.

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3 thoughts on “String quilts

  1. Nanette Merrill and daughters

    I love string quilts. I made a pseudostring quilt/spool quilt I’ll have to put on my blog sometime and when I do I’ll send you the link. Fun stuff.

  2. julieQ

    Thank you for sharing your string quilts with us. You are inspiring! When is the move? Packing already? Hope it all goes smoothly for you!

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