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Blog reading

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Periodically I delete the majority of my bloglines links out of frustration. I love seeing what everyone is doing but find I spend more and more time on the computer and that of course is less time spent quilting. So last week I deleted most the entries and decided I’d visit blogs from comments left on my blog and go around the blog rings once or twice a month.

Last night as I went around the Stash Quilts blog ring I came across a post on Susan’s blog (Feb 16th post) that inspired me to pull a finished quilt to send to American Hero Quilts.

Somehow along the way, I must have clicked on a link for the Quilt Mavericks blog ring and I was on Darcie’s blog reading about crochet and decided to pull out my crochet hooks – when I went looking for yarn, I found this magazine and fleece that I’d intended to crochet an edging on – that should be a quick project.

As long as I was packing for shipping, I decided I’ll pull all my flannel leftover bits that I’d agreed to send Bob, a HeartStrings member to use on donation quilts. With an upcoming move it will be good to have this crate emptied.

My printer was dying so I bought a new one yesterday (Epson RX595) – not sure I’m crazy about it – it’s louder for one thing BUT I do love the scanning features on it. I can scan and save the document as a PDF file – which came in handy when I had to email a couple signed documents yesterday to the realtor. It’s also a photo printer – which my other one wasn’t. I missed being able to print one or two photos since my small photo printer died a year ago.

Finally, I scanned a image from the above magazine. They had a neat case for crochet hooks that is very much like the crayon rolls that I’ve seen on several blogs. Deb made a couple for her granddaughters and was going to make Adam one for his drawing pencils – I emailed her the photo hoping she’ll make me one too.

Keith left about 30 minutes ago so I’m going to load a quilt on the longarm and get to work.

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I need a LIST

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I haven’t done any quilting or piecing since finishing Nann’s quilt on Tuesday. I obviously need a new list so I’ll get something done this week. Since I’ll still have lots of things to do related to buying the townhouse (inspections, getting the mortgage, working to get out of my lease) I won’t make it too ambitious and if I don’t get it all done I’ll be OK with that.

1) Bind the Chinese Coins quilt (it’s been waiting a LONG time)
2) Quilt the 2nd top donated by Sandra and Stashbusters
3) Quilt the 2nd HeartStrings top pieced by Annie
4) Assemble the crumb/string/heart quilt (the blocks have been on the design wall for a month)

Wish me luck! Keith will be in Denmark from Sunday – Friday so that will help.

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I forgot to tell you about my latest stupid mistake

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I got distracted with all the townhouse stuff but I meant to confess a big mistake I made on Nann’s donation top.

Both the top and backing were directional and I laid both out to make sure I had them going in the same direction. I then picked up the backing and added fabric to make it long enough to load on the longarm (Nann had send the fabric along with the top and backing) and manage to load the backing and top in opposite directions and started quilting. I was halfway done with the quilting before I realized my error.

I was so upset but Nann was very gracious when I emailed her pictures of the quilting and backing and explained what I’d done. It’s just another reason why I have no desire to quilt for hire – if it had been one of my quilts I would have just said to myself “oh well” and not worried about it.

If you click on the photo you can see that the lighthouse fabric on the back is going in the same direction when it’s flipped over like this but if you are holding the quilt up from the back – they’re upside down.

We got the townhouse (I think)

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Since the paperwork still needs final signatures I’ll won’t count on it 100% but they’re accepting our offer on the 2nd townhouse.

To answer some questions I’ve gotten.

  • These are townhouses so we don’t have anyone above or below us – just to the sides.
  • They’re not all that big – just barely under 1800 square feet which is the size of the apartment we’re in. Ideally I’d like to have more space but being downtown is VERY important to me as is being in a townhouse NOT a condo.
  • It’s 2 bedrooms/ 2.5 bathrooms with a family/bonus room downstairs.

The family room is too small to fit my sewing stuff and the longarm so my quilting things will be split in two rooms like it is here at the apartment BUT they’re on separate floors NOT next door so I’ll organize things a little differently so I’m not running up and down the stairs every few minutes.

I copied the photos from the online brochure if anyone wants to look at the actual rooms.

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I’m getting my hopes up again!

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They’ve already come back a couple times with counter offers and we found out this was a corporate relo and the townhouse has been on the market for about 4-5 months. They seem ready to sell. We went back to them once more with an offer just a few thousand below so I’m hoping they accept.

We might have a done deal by tomorrow which would be great because Keith is heading off to Denmark on Sunday.

No sewing today…. lots of cleaning yesterday but no sewing. Tomorrow I need to get back to work.

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We thought things were set but…

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We lost out on the first townhouse. The sellers had a contingency offer that was based on another buyer selling their condo so the were going to accept our offer but the buyer had 72 hours to removed the contingency and purchase the property – which they they did. Bummer.

We’ve already made an offer on the unit next door so we’re back to waiting. Cross your fingers that we get this one!

Here’s a cool satellite photo of the townhouse community we’re trying to buy in. That’s the Mississippi River you seen in the photo and Minneapolis has a great set of bike paths and walkways called Grand Rounds that goes all along the river with both state and local parks along the way. Click on the photo for a more detailed view.

paralyzed – a definition

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“to bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act”

This definition of paralyzed from describes me exactly. I hate waiting. HATE, HATE, HATE it.

I need to be quilting, piecing, and even cleaning but I work a bit and then get distracted again thinking about moving and everything I’ll need to get done if we do buy one of these townhouses. I just want to buy or not buy and get back to work.

Of course, I’m doing some long overdue cleaning (thanks to reading Keryn’s blog last night night) and have a pile of laundry in process so I’ll admit I’m fairly easily distracted. Have I ever mentioned I HATE cleaning and doing laundry, and while I’m listing things I hate – grocery shopping. I can’t tell you how often we go out to eat because I haven’t made myself go to the grocery store. Guess what’s for dinner? Nothing – I’ve got nothing here I can fix tonight.

Can you hear me whining?

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Done and ready to ship

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I finished quilting Nann’s donation top and have it all packed up and ready to ship back to her. If I remember correctly it’s going to be used as a fundraiser for the Library.

It looks like we’re going to make an offer on the 2nd townhouse tomorrow – the 1st ones have come back twice after our final offer and still haven’t accepted it. The realtor thinks they may when they realize that we really do plan to buy the one next door if we don’t get our terms. We’ll see – I’ll update you tomorrow.
I find this all very distracting so I haven’t gotten all that much done but even a little progress is good AND I did finish getting our tax stuff ready to ship off to my BIL including making copies of everything.

Still waiting

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The sellers tried to come back with another counteroffer on the townhouse but we refused. They can either accept our last offer or on Wednesday we’re going to place an offer on the one next door.

Our realtor seems to think there’s a good chance they’ll accept….it’s nice to be in the driver’s seat for a change but I’ll be happy with either one.

I also had a tiny ray of hope on the condo in Georgia. There was a couple in FL that looked at it and liked it but they’re going to take a week to decide if they want to make an offer. That’s probably too much to hope for but we’ll see.

I got more quilting done on Nann’s top and started digging through the pile of paper on my desk. Tonight, I have tax stuff to work on – ugh!

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Moving? Maybe

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I’m quilting a donation top of Nann’s using Popcorn by Willow Leaf Studios. This one looks like clouds to me and I think it suits this top well. I did give Nann the choice of several pantographs.

We’ve made an offer and a counteroffer on one of the townhouses – we’ll see if they accept our 2nd offer but if not, we’ll just make an offer on the one right next door. If we end up moving in March you can bet I won’t be getting much quilting done. We’ve only been here 14 months but I am SUCH a pack-rat!