No progress today

No sleep last night and my cold seems worse so I didn’t accomplish much today. Tomorrow I meet with the painters to get an estimate for the new townhouse.

Deb decided we need to get back to doing a family quilt project. We’ve decided to do a postcard exchange and there are 7 of us participating. We’ll each make one card and get one card each month. I dug into my blue buttons again and made this one this afternoon while I was writing some instructions for Mom and I’m sending it to her. Since our first deadline is April 25th I might make mine before packing up the postcard stash.

7 Responses to “No progress today”

  • kate:

    I just noticed: you relaxed about the edges of the postcards! Yeah girl!!!!

  • Clare:

    I love the button postcards. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Darcie:

    This one is great too, Mary! What a fun project for a family to share!

    Hope you can find something that zaps that cold away. My DH swears by Oil of Oregano. I like my Elderberry Syrup.

  • Quiltdivajulie:

    What a wonderful family project! And how cool that there are so many of you who can and will participate…

    Hope you feel better soon ~ it’s been a tough season healthwise for so many this year.

    Take care!

  • Carol E.:

    Funny coincidence.. I just made and posted a photo of a postcard, too. I like the family project! Fun idea!

  • cher:

    your cards and wonky trees are so fantastic! really Mary, you are letting loose that creative side and it’s looking such fun!

  • Leah/ Texas/ United States:

    what a cool postcard! i love that you used buttons, and i love the colors of the blue too.

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