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Quilt #2

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Thanks for all the concern for Chesty – he’s still resting and will occasionally take a lick of one of those ice cubes in his bowl if I hold it up for him.

I loaded the 2nd of 3 donated HeartStrings tops I plan to get quilted for National Volunteer Week this afternoon. This is another top pieced by Nancy and her group.

I decided to quilt some freehand swirls on this one and add some echoing like one of the designs in Dawn’s Pajama Quilter workbook – mine aren’t too bad in spite of the machine vibration and my quilting being a little rusty but they could definitely use more practice.

Quilt donations

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I had a email from Beverly in PA telling me that she’d made two quilts using my Quick Strippie instructions – these quilts will be donated to Hospice patients through her guild. I also received a package from Barbara in Florida with tops that I will quilt and donate through HeartStrings.

One of my favorite things about blogging has been meeting other quilters who have the same desire as I do to make and donate quilts that comfort those in need. Thanks for sharing your quilts Beverly and Barbara!

Chesty is still ill, not vomiting but not eating and very lethargic. He’s sleeping right now and I’m hoping he’ll feel like eating soon – I fixed some chicken and rice for him last night.

On the unpacking front – we’ve finally given up on being able to arrange the living room like we wanted and are in the process of making do. One of the things I dislike about moving is that furniture bought to fit in one living space usually doesn’t work so well in another.

Chesty’s sick…

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I was up all night with him – he was vomiting and then started with some diarrhea this morning right when we got out of the car at the Vet’s office. She thinks it may be a GI virus he picked up while boarding and kept him for some fluids and observation. I’m waiting for a call this afternoon to see how he’s doing. They don’t have overnight services so he’ll definitely come home, I just hope he feels much better.

Luckily, I received something in the mail today to help keep my mind occupied. I’d ordered the companion workbook to Dawn Ramirez’s Pajama Quilter DVD and I’m going to pick a design for the quilt I’m going to load next and practice drawing it a bit.

I love quilting both Dwirling and Wonky Feathers but I hadn’t had a chance to go back and watch the DVD in the last few weeks to pick a *new* design to try – the workbook is great, the only difficult thing will be picking which one I’m going to try.

I did finish up the quilting I started yesterday – this was a pantograph called Whirlygig by Willow Leaf Studio – they make and/or distribute many of my favorites. Excuse the poor photo – it was taken after dark in the longarm room. I’ve tried a couple things without much luck to fix the vibration on the longarm that showed up with the reassembly after the move. Luckily I can still quilt while I try to figure it out.

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I’m frustrated but…

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At I’m least I’m finally quilting again! I thought I had things ready so I could just load a quilt but I ended up running around looking for things, my power cord for the bobbin winder, my side clamps, my tape measure and then when I was ready to load the quilt – I realized the backing wasn’t pieced.

Finally, I got the quilt loaded and started quilting and the vibration while I’m quilting is bad. I checked the table – it’s pretty level (just a hair off but that was as close as I could get it in the apartment too) so that’s not the cause. The machine moves freely along the tracks when it’s not on so I’m guessing the wheels on the carriage or the wheels on the machine itself need adjusting due the move. I played with it a bit and maybe noticed a tiny improvement but not nearly good enough. I need to research this a bit and see if I can figure it out.

In the meantime, I’ll keep quilting – the stitches look pretty good except for occasional small bobbles that aren’t too noticeable (like the one in the photo below in the yellow strip).

I really hate this….I just want my machine running well without this vibration.

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National Volunteer Week – April 27 – May 3

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We’re home and as I was flying from San Diego yesterday, I read that this week is National Volunteer Week. So although my house is a mess and I have boxes left everywhere to unpack, I’m going to focus this week on my HeartStrings quilts and end the week with a Sew-in on Saturday May 3rd.

I’ve already pulled a top pieced by Nancy and her group that’s been waiting for quilting and I’ll load it on the longarm and get started.

My goal will to quilt 3 HeartStrings tops and finish the binding on another HeartStrings quilt I quilted a few months ago (I blame the move for it taking this long to finish it up!)

By the way, Chesty is home – he’s exhausted from his stay in the kennel so he’s resting now.

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San Diego

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A restful couple days so far – walking a bit along the bay, sitting by the pool and lots of reading. The Kindle is so great on trips – as many books as I can read in one small package! Here’s the view of the bay and marina from our hotel room.

Chesty hasn’t boarded since the beginning of December so I called to check on him. He’s been pretty unsettled by the move and I was worried about leaving him but Keith said he ran right in when he dropped him off. Today, he was resting out of the camera’s view but they picked him up so I could see him.

Pansy quilting

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Take a look at the flowers here on Patsy Thompson’s blog – I haven’t ever re-quilted a design like this but doesn’t it look great?

Since I do better with flowers using a pantograph – wouldn’t it give it a unique look to quilt the top using a floral pantograph and then go back and requilt it freehand with a different thread like this? I might have to try it on a smaller quilt when I have some time to play.

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Settling in

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We accomplished a lot this weekend but we’re heading to San Diego tomorrow morning so we won’t get much more done before leaving. I have a ton of errands to do today but I did get a postcard made last night – well, I still have to drag out the sewing machine and stitch the back on but the front is done. I can’t wait to get back to quilting too.

I plan to take my computer with me and hopefully will be able to catch up on some blog reading while I’m gone.

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