Chesty’s sick…

I was up all night with him – he was vomiting and then started with some diarrhea this morning right when we got out of the car at the Vet’s office. She thinks it may be a GI virus he picked up while boarding and kept him for some fluids and observation. I’m waiting for a call this afternoon to see how he’s doing. They don’t have overnight services so he’ll definitely come home, I just hope he feels much better.

Luckily, I received something in the mail today to help keep my mind occupied. I’d ordered the companion workbook to Dawn Ramirez’s Pajama Quilter DVD and I’m going to pick a design for the quilt I’m going to load next and practice drawing it a bit.

I love quilting both Dwirling and Wonky Feathers but I hadn’t had a chance to go back and watch the DVD in the last few weeks to pick a *new* design to try – the workbook is great, the only difficult thing will be picking which one I’m going to try.

I did finish up the quilting I started yesterday – this was a pantograph called Whirlygig by Willow Leaf Studio – they make and/or distribute many of my favorites. Excuse the poor photo – it was taken after dark in the longarm room. I’ve tried a couple things without much luck to fix the vibration on the longarm that showed up with the reassembly after the move. Luckily I can still quilt while I try to figure it out.

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17 Responses to “Chesty’s sick…”

  • swooze:

    Something will suddenly dawn on you to check or try. I know it is hard not to think about it but when you least expect it the solution will come!

    Hope Chesty is better soon. We have a sick dog right now and it is no fun to deal with.

  • kawagamanana:

    Oh the problems with kennels. We usually hire someone in to look after our dog. I did have a problem years ago and just do this as an alternate way for him to be kept , or take him back to the breeder for a week.
    Your quilt looks lovely. What kind is your free arm. I may purchase one as it takes forever to quilt.

  • LindaL:

    Have you double checked to make sure any bolts or screws on the table/frame, or anywhere else in the setup, are good and tight?

    Sorry to hear Chesty is sick, hope he has a speedy recovery. I guess boarding a dog at a kennel is a lot like sending a child to day care isn’t it? They catch every bug going around. He looks so much like my daughter’s dog Max, and he was sick with a stomach bug last week too.


  • Vicki W:

    Poor Chesty! He sure has endured a lot of stress lately. I hope he fels better soon.

  • Karol-Ann:

    Hope Chesty and the longarm are better soon!!

  • Randi:

    Sending get well wishes to Chesty!

  • Deb:

    I hope my boy feels better in the morning…

  • julieQ:

    Your poor little buddy! Hope he is on the mend soon. Lots of changes for him…and you! Love your quilt, it is gorgeous!!

  • Jeanne:

    Poor Chesty! I sure hope he feels better very soon. Give him a hug for me.

  • Jessica:

    Poor Chesty – give him a great big hug for me! I’m glad to see you are back to quilting, even if it is with that pesky vibration. But I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually! ~Jessica

  • Tanya:

    I hope Chesty is home and well again soon! It’s so hard when our family members aren’t well and when they can’t even express their feelings in words… Hugs to him when you see him.

  • YankeeQuilter:

    Hope Chesty is doing better. It breaks my heart when my pets are sick…don’t know why it makes me feel so guilty 🙁

  • Anonymous:


    I hope Chesty gets to feeling better.

    I do enjoy reading you everyday.


  • Rhonda:

    Poor Chesty! I hope he feels better soon.

  • dee:

    Adding my good wishes for your darling little Chesty. Seeing them so miserable is awful.

  • Morah:

    My friend just got that workbook. I will have to order one for myself! I can’t wait to try dwirling. Sorry your doggy is ill.

  • Joanne:

    How’s Chesty doing? I hate when our babies get sick — human or dogs.

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