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A good day

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Isn’t this a gorgeous sky? Keith and I went for a long walk this morning to visit the Basilica and Loring Park and then back home to work a bit. I’m almost finished quilting the green double 4 patch quilt and it should be ready to bind tomorrow. We had some afternoon storms and I captured this photo after the rain stopped.

I had a surprise before we left – a flower delivery – a present for my birthday from Keith. I think I confused everyone with a previous post – I’m feeling sorry for myself in advance – my birthday is Monday and that’s when he’ll be gone.

Finally, I tried some ribbon embroidery tonight for the first time. I’m still fascinated with crazy quilting although I’m only reading about it right now. I decided that I could practice some embroidery on postcards until I had time to start a crazy quilt project. Hopefully I’ll improve with some practice!

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Maybe I should listen to Deb more often

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I’m not very adventuresome when it comes to using different threads in my longarm. I have a group of threads that work well for me and I’m intolerant of pokies so I hadn’t bothered to try the Superior King Tut variegated thread even though Deb raved about how much she loved it. I bought a spool (or two) at MQS and it was just perfect for this UFO.

I’ve got great tension even with using a beige permacore thread in the bobbin and a variegated green King Tut in the top – no pokies – and the colors in the King Tut thread are really subtle and suit this scrap quilt well.

The pantograph is Lush Leaves from Lorien Quilting.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes…I’m not sure why I’m letting being alone on my birthday get me down – it probably has to do with other things going on in my life right now. On Monday, I think I’ll take Jeanne’s advice and visit a nearby quilt shop (that I didn’t know existed) and treat myself to lunch.

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Mail call

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I showed one of the reusable Target bags on the blog last week and commented how much I liked using resusable bags. Sue wrote and offered to send me one that she made and it arrived today. The bag folds up into the front pocket and it’s PRETTY too!

I got a birthday postcard from Mom and a birthday card from Deb….

and a birthday package from Mom. I’m going to wait until Monday to open it – I’m kind of depressed because Keith will be gone on my birthday and I’ll be all alone.

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RWB blocks

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I’ve continued to make a few RWB HeartStrings blocks each day. Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the HeartStrings group about the requirements for the blocks and coins sections I went ahead and wrote up and posted some instructions for the RWB blocks and RWB Chinese Coins sections. We’re going to continue to collect these until July 4th and will use them to make quilts for wounded soldiers.

And part of this afternoon was spent taking Chesty to the *beauty parlour* for his summer haircut. He looks thinner without his curls doesn’t he??

I need to get a quilt loaded on the longarm today or tomorrow and get some quilting done before I head off on another trip. Keith has a meeting in Toronto next week and I’m going to tag along.

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Sunday Progress report

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I haven’t been doing Sunday reports recently because there hasn’t been much TO report but I’m hoping that trend is changing.

Last week I finished quilting 4 HeartStrings tops and got them shipped off and this week, I quilted Kathy’s quilt and got that shipped to her too. I still have HeartStrings tops here needing quilting but I’m back to making progress on them.

I’m also back to using stash with the RWB HeartStrings blocks I’m working on this weekend….all from my string bins with some extra strips cut from stash for variety.

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RWB HeartStrings blocks

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Since I needed to do a little rearranging in my sewing room for Chris to sew some RWB HeartStrings blocks with me this weekend, I decided to make a few blocks while I was at it.

This room is still a mess but I think we can work in here. If you’d like to make some blocks with us this Memorial Day weekend you can view the guidelines at the HeartStrings blog.

While I was working upstairs – look who found the quilt I’d folded and set on the chair. Chesty needs his summer haircut but I wasn’t able to get him an appointment until Tuesday so he’s really curly right now!

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