RWB HeartStrings blocks

Since I needed to do a little rearranging in my sewing room for Chris to sew some RWB HeartStrings blocks with me this weekend, I decided to make a few blocks while I was at it.

This room is still a mess but I think we can work in here. If you’d like to make some blocks with us this Memorial Day weekend you can view the guidelines at the HeartStrings blog.

While I was working upstairs – look who found the quilt I’d folded and set on the chair. Chesty needs his summer haircut but I wasn’t able to get him an appointment until Tuesday so he’s really curly right now!

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14 thoughts on “RWB HeartStrings blocks

  1. LindaL

    Chesty looks so much like my grand-dog Max that I just want to give him a hug. These little white cotton ball dogs are such sweeties.


  2. Bingo~Bonnie

    Mary, I love that your son is planning to do some string blocks with you this weekend! I remember his post card a while back 😉 Have a great time!

    Hope Chesty loves his soon to be summer cut – our schnauzer got one the last time and wow what a difference – he was so entergetic like a pup!

    Thanks for your email reply today – I knew you’d understand 😉 and I hope to blog about it later on tonight after my kids are in bed. 🙂

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. SandyQuilts

    How great that Chris will help you sew over the holiday. Chesty looks so cute in his curls. Have a GREAT weekend.

  4. Anonymous

    Do you use a muslin foundation for your heartstrings blocks? Any problems with quilting it?

  5. Helen in the UK

    Thanks for sharing the picture of your string blocks – now I’m 100% clear on the fabrics to use for the patriotic blocks.
    Chesty looks so cute on the quilt – looks like he is much more settled now.
    Enjoy the weekend with your son 🙂

  6. Karol-Ann

    I’m sure sewing rooms are supposed to be messy LOL. And I know for a fact that folded quilts are almost the most inviting!

  7. Karen Dianne Lee

    Chesty is hilarious! What a hoot and a great photo.

    Your blocks are fantastic. Love them. One of these days I’ll have to make some myself!

  8. Hanne

    It is good to see that Chesty is doing well again.

    I need to sew some string blocks before Wednesday evening.
    I miss doing the blocks really, and now I need some, to show at my guild. They are planning some charity sewing in the autumn.

  9. swooze

    Is Chesty back to his old self healthwise? Spencer is really coming along. What a relief!

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