9 thoughts on “More family photos

  1. Bingo~Bonnie

    what a nice hiking trail….are you sure you aren’t back in GA? Hard to believe the big city has this untouched nature.

    I’d love to hear more about your Hell’s Kitchen dining. David and I love watching it on TV! Isn’t Chris a chef if I remember correctly?

    Love having your blog bookmarked on my new cell…I’m in van with 3 sleepin kids while David is in Lowes. -bonnie

  2. Candace

    I live in the suburbs, and have thought the last few years that it would be nice to live in the city, and following your blog makes it seem more and more desirable. You seem to be close to a lot of nature, and yet right in the thick of things, too.

  3. JudyL

    Everything is so pretty and green! Love your sunset picture. Enjoy your time with Chris (I know you will!).

  4. Tanya

    Love the picture of the two of you! Your hubby looks proud to be holding you in his arms!

  5. meggie

    What lovely pics of you all.
    I have been catching up on your last posts. I had a few days ‘off’, while our son was here.

    Leo looks so much like Chesty, with his curls. It is winter here now, so I can’t very well get him clipped too close. He is a very reluctant ‘client’, though he is ok with the Clipper at the Vet’s.

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