RWB blocks

I’ve continued to make a few RWB HeartStrings blocks each day. Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the HeartStrings group about the requirements for the blocks and coins sections I went ahead and wrote up and posted some instructions for the RWB blocks and RWB Chinese Coins sections. We’re going to continue to collect these until July 4th and will use them to make quilts for wounded soldiers.

And part of this afternoon was spent taking Chesty to the *beauty parlour* for his summer haircut. He looks thinner without his curls doesn’t he??

I need to get a quilt loaded on the longarm today or tomorrow and get some quilting done before I head off on another trip. Keith has a meeting in Toronto next week and I’m going to tag along.

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8 Responses to “RWB blocks”

  • Irene:

    Mary, I’m just about 40 minutes west of Toronto – if you have any free time I’d love to meet you. I’d be happy to drive into the City and we could ‘do’ lunch or anything else you would like.

  • Anonymous:

    What a handsome young man that Chesty is … with or without curls! Those eyes just “melt” me … thanks for sharing pictures of him as well as your beautiful quilts!

  • Gypsy Quilter:

    It sounds like you’re making great progress on the new quilts. Chesty looks very cool and all set for summer. Have a great time in Toronto!

  • Pat:

    Thanks for posting on how to make the R/W/B blocks. Have a fun time in Toronto 🙂

  • SandyQuilts:

    Oh Mary hope you can meet up with Irene …. we’re bestest friends.

    Happy early Birthday.

  • meggie:

    I just love Chesty! He is a double for Leo!

  • Karen:

    Chesty is such an expressive dog. He looks a little worried about his summer buzz.

  • Jeanne:

    I wish I could look thinner by getting a haircut! He looks younger, too. *s* He’s just adorable. Great string blocks.

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