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Another donated HeartStrings top – this one by the quilters at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in CT. I was able to get it loaded and quilted this afternoon while I was doing laundry so it will be ready for binding when I get home.

Quilted freehand with Wonky Feathers from the Pajama Quilted DVD although I find myself adapting it somewhat the more I quilt it – usually adding more feathers on each curl. You can click on both photos to see a larger view.

I head off to VA early tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to lunch with VickiW and her mom on Thursday. Mom and I are meeting them at Nancy’s Calico Patch so I’m sure I’ll come home with some fat quarters!

This and that

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First – in the mail today – a postcard from my cousin Mary Ann. We’re doing a family postcard exchange every month and the theme for June was Summer. Cute isn’t it?

I’m running around trying to get ready to leave again tomorrow (more laundry and packing) but as soon as I get off the computer I’m going to load a donated HeartStrings top and try to get it quilted. I’d also like to make more blocks for my RWB quilt which is progressing slowly but at least I’ve gotten more strips and rectangles cut so hopefully if I don’t get to it today, I can make some progress when I get home from Virginia.

Thanks for all the comments and concern – I’m not worried too much about the arrhythmia although I may have to go back on some medication. I did get an appointment with a cardiologist for next Monday but I’m having trouble chasing down my previous medical records. The practice in GA closed and I have several phone calls out to the Health System trying to find them.

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Sunday progress report

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  • No fabric purchased.
  • I finished two donated HeartStrings quilts – both had backings from my stash.

Keith and I went on a 16 mile bike ride this afternoon but I really struggled to finish it. I can’t seem to tolerate strenuous exercise (biking up hills) without triggering an arrhythmia and becoming symptomatic. I’ve had problems in the past so it’s probably time to visit the cardiologist again – unfortunately.

One last finish

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I finished binding and labeled this donation top from Barbara in FL last night. I showed a closeup of the leaf quilting a couple days ago – a pantograph called Lush Leaves from Lorien Quilting.

Today I’ll pack for my trip, take Chesty to boarding and I’ll work on my the blocks for my RWB quilt. I’m not taking the laptop with me to FL so I probably won’t be blogging although Keith will have his if I find I can’t get through the day without a blog post. See you Saturday.


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I finished the binding on this HeartStrings quilt and it’s labeled and waiting to be washed but first I have to do the mounds of laundry waiting in preparation for my trip on Wednesday.

These blocks were pieced by Kate North in England, assembled by Barbara in FL, and then sent to me to quilt and finish. I showed a closeup of the heart quilting a few days ago. I get such a kick out of working on these group quilts that are the efforts of more than one quilter.

That’s the 2nd thing checked off my short *to do* list this week. In between other household tasks, I’ll try to piece some blocks, trim the Roman Stripes quilted yesterday, and possibly load another quilt – we’ll see.

Bored…bored…bored! I’m so bored!

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I’m really tired of my own company and eating dinner every night on my own. Luckily, I just have two more days to get through until I leave to meet Keith in Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday.
Last night I put a binding on the last quilt finished, made a few more blocks for the RWB quilt and loaded this donated top from Barbara on the longarm. This afternoon I quilted it with the leaves panto I already had on the table. With the busy floral print, I decided leaves would work just fine.

Sunday progress report:

  • I got through my *to do* list which involved quilting two tops, binding two other quilts and starting my 2nd RWB quilt and have been cutting fabric and making blocks for it.
  • I’ve been using stash for backings and the RWB quilt and didn’t purchase any this week.

This week’s list is very light since I’m going out of town and I’ve already started marking things off.

  • Quilt one HeartStrings top
  • Bind one quilt
  • Work on my RWB blocks

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We’re missing Keith

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I hate it when he travels over a weekend!

Chesty and I decided to go to the park this afternoon and walked along some new paths along the river. We have a small park right down the block but there are other ones scattered up and down the river so this afternoon we went a little north.

I’ve been wanting to change my blog banner for a while but I couldn’t make myself take down the photo of Chesty until today. Let me know what you think of the new one. Can’t you see me sitting in that chair on the deck reading (with a glass of wine of course!)