Thanks Vicki and Gayle

This was the new banner but thanks to comments by Vicki and Gayle I retook the photo with Chesty in the chair…much better!

20 thoughts on “Thanks Vicki and Gayle

  1. Jessica

    Perfect, although I’ll miss the other one (I liked checking out the titles in your quilt book collection!) 🙂

  2. Gayle

    How great is that! Hey Chesty, want to go for a walk down by the river? He looks like he is listening intently….. or waiting for a treat!


  3. Candace

    Great. I think that he would move over and make room for you, so I can still picture you sitting and reading. Your scenery in the park is wonderful. I love the bridge.

  4. Bobbie Bentneedle

    Strange how quilter’s minds work – my thought was that he was missing from the other header but I didn’t “bother” to post that comment… Nice to see that others had the same thought – and this one IS perfect!

  5. Irene

    Perfect new banner and I’m glad Chesty made the shot. Your walking areas look so pretty and Chesty looks right at home on your log cabin.

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