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Barbara’s RWB top

I finished the binding and labeled this donated top from Barbara last night. Once I finish my RWB Rails both of these Quilts of Valor will go to Alycia. The quilting on this one was simple – stars and loops. You might be able to see some of the stars in the larger blocks if you click to enlarge the photo but for the most part the quilting here just adds texture.

If you want to help Alycia hit her goal of 100 Quilts of Valor for 2009, visit her blog. I had some comments asking what size quilts she wanted – I’d suggest you check with her – I emailed her about the RWB Rails quilt and she responded quickly.

How do you work?

I was reading Ruth’s blog and she mentioned that she works on one quilt at time. As I started to make a to do list to finish out the week I realized that this week is a perfect example of how I work. I have a binding to finish, I finished piecing blocks and am in the process of assembling the RWB top, and I had a HeartStrings top loaded that I quilted today.

My best day quilting is one where I’m doing a bit of everything and seeing progress being made on a piecing project, a quilting project, and finishing up a binding.

Here’s today quilting project – a donated top from Deborah. I quilted Wonky Feathers from the Pajama Quilter DVD – and it’s now ready to be trimmed and bound.

I also finished up the blocks for this RWB Rail fence and started assembling the top. After consulting with Alycia about the size of the quilt – I won’t be putting a border on this one although I do love the pieced border in my original design – I’ll have to do this in a different colorway and use the border for another quilt.

So what’s the optimum number of projects for you to be actively working on??

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As requested

An instruction sheet for my Wonky RWB Rails has been added to my site.

Here’s a list for you

Do I need to start a new project?

Do I need to spend the afternoon in the HOTTEST room in the house, standing over a hot iron when the A/C isn’t working?

Do I need to make string blocks from yardage when I have bins overflowing with them?

The answer to all the above is NO but in spite of that I was ready to use the basket of RWB fabric I’d pulled from stash 3-4 months ago intending to make a wonky rail fence.

The A/C guy has been back for the 2nd time today and it finally seems to be working – just in time for me to leave and meet Keith downtown for dinner.

I hate waiting

We’re having problems with our A/C – the only thing they weren’t able to check in the home inspection before we bought the townhouse and I’m waiting again today for a repairman. They’ve been out twice already… this morning I sat around and went through all my email…..did some blog reading….then went up to the sewing room to sew a binding on….then pieced a couple backs…..back downstairs to get a bite to eat….more computer time….and they’re still not here.

I have a quilt loaded on the longarm but I’m waiting until after the repair guy finishes today to work on it. I just wish he’d get here!

I HATE waiting!

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The mail wasn’t all bills

The postcard on the left is from Deb and was sent as part of our family postcard exchange for May and the one on the right is from VickiW. I commented on her blog about how much I liked these bird’s nest cards and she sent me one with birthday wishes. Thanks!

I’m home!

Rather than focusing on what I HAVEN’T done today – unpacking, laundry, and going through the mail and bills that came while I was gone – I’ll focus on what I have done!

I did run to the post office and mail off the RWB HeartStrings blocks to Sue, mailed a quilt top I purchased on eBay several years ago that will be finished by Faith in the UK, and a DVD to Chris with photos from his Memorial Day trip to Minneapolis that he forgot to take home with him.

I picked up Chesty from boarding – he’s very tired and has been quietly sleeping while I quilt.
I had this donated top from Barbara in FL loaded before my trip so I quickly quilted it with loops and stars and it’s already unloaded, trimmed, and ready for me to bind. Once it’s done, it will go to Alycia who has a goal of 100 Quilts of Valor for delivery in 2009.

I loaded this donated top from Deborah in MD and it’s ready for quilting. She sent along a pieced back which is nice – I usually piece backs just before I’m ready to load a quilt but that does slow me down some since I’ve been known to procrastinate piecing a back and loading a quilt.

And finally, I washed and dried the Double 4 Patch that I finished before my trip so it’s ready to be sent off when it’s time.

One of my problems here in the townhouse is I don’t have a good place to measure and cut my batting. I do have a generous size closet to store it downstairs just outside the room with the longarm but I have to stand it up to measure the length, clip my spot with the scissors and then..

…. set the batting down to finish cutting it. I had to go through this twice today to cut batting. I know a lot of you have less quilting space than I do but I get frustrated at times and wish I had a large studio space like I did back in Marietta.

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Sunday progress report

I only had a few days to work this week before heading to Toronto but I made some progress – the Double 4 Patch is finished and I’ll add the yardage used to my sidebar but I also had a birthday shopping spree to replenish some of my basics.

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A wonderful day!

This afternoon we took a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands – here’s a view back toward the city.

We walked along the boardwalk.

Watched the geese along the shore.

We almost DIDN’T go because of these crowds going to Centre Island….we asked at the ticket office if there was somewhere we could go AWAY from the crowds and she suggested we take the Ward’s Island ferry – it was perfect!

It that wasn’t enough fun…..we attend a conference event – A Taste of Toronto – at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. The food was good, the band fun…and after an hour or so, we found the Library Bar where we sat in a dark corner and had a nightcap!

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I’m not a social person

I know that it may surprise some of you – I probably seem very chatty online but I’ve never been one to have a bunch of friends and I like my social events to be infrequent and small gatherings so it always surprises me when I enjoy meeting and spending time with someone new.

Today Irene braved the traffic and drove into Toronto to meet me for lunch. She was so easy to talk to and I had a wonderful time. She’s a fellow longarm quilter who like me doesn’t quilt for others and we had a lot in common. Irene obviously knows I love wine from reading my blog because she bought a gift of Canadian wine for me – wasn’t that NICE??

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We arrived yesterday in time for dinner and walked to the Golden Thai restaurant – YUM!

This morning I headed for water…..Keith has a business dinner so I’m back at the hotel waiting for him so we can spend some time together this afternoon and decided to upload a few photos.

UFO # 15 done!

I got the binding sewn on yesterday afternoon and stitched until midnight to finish this one before we leave today. One more UFO finished.

Brief instructions for this quilt can be found here : Double 4 Patch

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I opened a box of donated tops for HeartStrings to get one ready to load on the longarm. The box arrived from Barbara right after our move and I’d decided to leave them packaged until I was ready to quilt.

I was considerate enough to email Barbara and let her know they arrived safely but imagine my surprise to open the box today and find a gift for me and some $$ to help with the cost of shipping/batting. Aren’t these fat quarters gorgeous? It feels like it’s still my birthday!

Here’s the first top I’m getting ready to load – Barbara even sent the flag fabric for a backing. Once I finish it, I’m going to send it to Alycia. She has a goal of 100 Quilts of Valor for delivery in 2009 and she’s a member of HeartStrings too. How perfect is that?

We leave in the morning for Toronto and won’t be back until Sunday night but I am planning to take my laptop so I’m sure I’ll check in while I’m gone.

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My new guest room

I think I’ve already mentioned we decided that even though our furniture didn’t really *fit* in the new townhouse we were going to live with it for now. One big disadvantage of moving frequently is the furniture you buy for one house never seems to fit quite right in the next one.

Since I took over both the family room and the 2nd bedroom for my quilting – we needed somewhere other than the floor for visitors to sleep. We decided to take the entire living/dining room area and create one large living room space and add a really NICE sleeper sofa and coffee table from Ethan Allen which arrived today.

Here’s a view of the entire room – I know our older stuff is dark but we’re not going to change it again right now.

Here’s a close-up of the coffee table top – it’s woven rattan under glass and it’s the perfect size for Scrabble – I’ll have to challenge Keith to a new tournament.

I’m not completely crazy about how the room looks but it will do for now – it is cozy.

By the way, did you notice the bubble wrapped light fixture over the ottoman?? We’ve ordered a ceiling fan to put in that spot but since this was the dining room – – the light that’s here hangs really low – Keith keeps hitting his head on it so I wrapped it to cushion the blows to his head!

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Birthday Wishes

Thanks to everyone who wrote and wished me a happy birthday! It’s been a very nice day even though I’ve spent it alone and to make it even better, I just got an email from Keith saying he should be home by 7PM and he’ll take me to dinner. So lots of whining all week about nothing!

I did manage to get out to the Four Seasons Quilt Shop in Plymouth, MN – Jeanne recommended I visit it. I’ve been a good little stashbuster for most of the year but I was running low on some of my staples…backgrounds, blues, and reds….the woman at the shop commented that I must be doing patriotic quilts but no…I’ve just found that blues and reds are my favorites for borders and bindings on my scrap quilts and they work well with our HeartStrings quilts too. I’ve also wanted to try Mary Ellen’s Best Press so I picked up some of that too.

When I got home I found this massive gift basket from Keith – filled to the brim with all kinds of bath goodies…have I mentioned how much I love taking a bath with a glass of wine and a good book? Thanks Keith!

And one other gift was waiting to be opened too from my Mom. I’d mentioned that I’d been wanting to try some of the new silicone bakeware and now I have an entire set. Thanks Mom!

Our ride didn’t go as planned

but in spite of a couple mishaps we still managed to ride 11 miles and have our picnic, we just ended up at a different park than we originally planned.

This photo is NOT of one our the mishaps but as we ride along the grand rounds we have to detour around the site of the I35 bridge collapse – this pile of twisted metal seems to be from the old bridge. (I don’t know WHY blogger is turning this photo again..what a pain)
We ended up back at Boon Island which is fast becoming one of my favorite spots – it’s quiet, there’s plenty of shade…..

and a great view of the Mississippi!

I also managed to finish up the quilting on the green double 4 patch – I might even trim it and get the binding sewn on later today if I’m feeling industrious but I’m kind of in the mood to play so I might do another postcard.

Sunday progress report

I finally made a bit of progress this week – No fabric purchased (in weeks and weeks actually) and I finished 20 HeartStrings RWB blocks and pieced a backing from stash for the green double 4 patch. Once I finish the binding on this one – I’ll officially add it to my Stash used total – the top will also count since it was pieced completely from stash last year.

Judy had in interesting post today about stash building vs stash busting which was very timely since I do plan to add some to my stash tomorrow with my birthday visit to a new (to me) quilt shop. I only have one thing to add and it’s on the pro side for stashBUSTING….having moved mine twice in the last year or so – less is definitely better if you plan on moving around a lot.

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