Chesty’s limping again even with very restricted activity. I’m going to see how he does tomorrow but it looks like we’re going to have to have a surgical consult.

When was the last time this blog saw some quilting content?? I think I had TOO much travel this past month. and I’m going nuts waiting to get back to work but I refuse to *wish* away my time with Mom, Ann, and Sarah who arrived today. It’s so wonderful to have them visiting me.

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9 thoughts on “UGH!

  1. Ruth's Place

    Sending good wishes for Chesty!!

    I hope your visit with your family is wonderful!

  2. Anonymous

    Enjoy each day as it comes ~ have a great time with your family … THAT’S what’s important!! Everything will work itself out …

  3. Anonymous

    I hope Chesty doesn’t have to have surgery again. Poor fella. Hope all goes well. Pets are too important! Good Luck! Jennifer

  4. Julia

    Ahhhhhh, poor Chesty. So sorry to hear that he isn’t healing on his own.

    Enjoy your time with family. Sounds like a lot of girl time fun!

  5. grace

    Oh I hope he’s going to be alright .. nothing is worse than watching a pet or child not be healthy

    prayers for chesty!!


  6. meggie

    Poor Chesty. How old is he Mary? Apparently small dogs can have these knee problems.
    Enjoy your family!

  7. Tanya

    Oh dear. I hope Chesty can get by without the surgery. Sometimes though I think animals get through all that better than humans would. Not all the worry before time for them and they seem to jump back into life more easily. They don’t have to pay the bills either.

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