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Another HeartStrings project

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Kind of a lazy day today. I slept late, caught up on email and some blog reading and went for a bike ride with Keith. I did manage to organize myself a little and start some HeartStrings blocks with green centers. We’re going to make blocks during September and October and then assemble them into quilts for men (and boys). I’m avoiding large florals, pink, and purple but other than that am using most of what I pull out of the string bins.

I also managed to load a quilt tonight although I didn’t get it started. It’s the first of 10 tops I want to quilt by the end of September. We’re out of town Sept 2 – 8 so it will be a little challenging but I’m going to give it a shot.

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Mom’s been busy

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Mom had two quilts from my instruction sheets to show me when I arrived on Monday. Here’s the Strippie – this one is just too cute. She also finished quilting the Fish Quilt. She uses her regular sewing machine and decided that straight line quilting would be easiest – I think the quilt looks great!

I head home tomorrow morning. It will be good to see Keith and Chesty!

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Weight Loss Wednesday

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I posted my 1/2 week results on Sunday and am pleased that I’ve lost 7.4 lbs in 4 weeks. Other than trying to watch what I eat, drinking lots of water and increasing the amount of walking and biking I do has helped.

I did manage to meet my exercise goal for the week before leaving on Monday morning which is good because there won’t be much going on while I’m gone.

How did YOU do this week?

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I have been reading this summer too

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I’ve been lazy updating my Shefari bookshelf but caught up Sunday before leaving. I’ll just warn you that my rating system only denotes how much I enjoyed the book and not necessarily how well it was written.

Mysteries and historical fiction tend to be my favorites and I LOVE books that come in series so I can read about the same characters.

In addition to my knitting, I’ve brought the Kindle along and *stocked* it with a handful of books to keep me entertained.

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Knit one Purl one

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You know I’ve been spending the Olympics binding quilts but I finished the last one Saturday night and decided I needed a project for the Closing Ceremonies and to carry with me on my trip.

Inspired by all the knitting I’ve seen going on in blogland I decided to start a scarf. It’s simple, knit in seed stitch but I’m pretty slow at switching back and forth between knit and purl for each stitch. I wonder how much I’ll have done when I get home Saturday??

Speaking of knitting, what’s your FAVORITE simple rectangular shawl pattern? I don’t like to knit complex patterns especially since I have pretty basic knitting skills and like to let my mind wander when I’m knitting but want something more elegant than garter stitch.

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UFO finished/Sunday Progress Report/Weigh in

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Here’s the last top finished this week – it’s also a UFO finish and completely from stash so I’m very pleased with this one! I love the texture the Bubbles pantograph gave it and think I made the right choice for quilting. I left this photo large so you can click on it to see a better view of the quilting.

Instructions can be found at my site for anyone interested.

So my progress report is:

  • 2 tops quilted – goal of 10 before the end of August met
  • 4 quilts bound
  • Wonky Tree blocks assembled into a small top 
  • My Stash used total goes up to 77.5 yards (includes completed quilts only)
  • No fabric purchased this week

I also did my weigh in this morning since I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the airport at 3:30AM!! I have a loss of 1.4 lbs for a total of 7.4 lbs in 3 and 1/2 weeks. I’ll be traveling most of the next two weeks so I hope I can avoid gaining any back – we’ll see!

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On the road again!

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Keith and I spent some time this weekend planning trips for the fall. In addition to my trip leaving Monday to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania (to see family) we’re going to New York City and Washington DC the first week of September.

Coming up in October and booked this weekend – a trip to Denmark, in November we’ll travel to Lake Oconee outside of Atlanta to stay at the Ritz Carton where Adam works, and not yet booked – in December, I’ll travel back to Virginia to visit Mom for her birthday.

In spite of the travel, I plan to set ambitious goals each month for quilting the rest of the year. I would love to start 2009 all caught up!

And speaking of goals, I’ve finished the binding on the Half String Hearts so that’s UFO #16 for the year. I’ll post a photo tomorrow.

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Thanks for all the nice comments on my trees – they’re growing on me some and now I think they’re almost so ugly that they’re cute!

If you’re interested, you can see the trees I left off in the photo I posted on the Class Blog – take some time to look at the other projects posted too. I’m in the process of contemplating hand quilting designs – I’m leaning toward using perle cotton and since I’ve been fascinated with Sashiko designs I’m wondering if I can incorporate them into the quilting. I have at least one book – maybe two so I’ll have to find them upstairs – all my books are disorganized since the move and I haven’t taken time to put them back into categories. Another thing to put on the list.

I should finish up the binding on the String Hearts today so hopefully I’ll have a photo to post tomorrow.

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Maybe I’m not meant to be spontaneous

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I started these trees in April for Tonya’s Summer Class but hadn’t gotten around to assembling them into a top – it’s kind of disastrous! I’ve decided that I need my EQ! I’ve put the other trees away for now and I am going  to quilt this – it will be good practice.

I’m not sure whether it was my color scheme or not having a clear idea how I wanted to assemble these different size blocks that was the problem but I had LOTS of fun making the trees and I’ll revisit this process….I’ll just do a little more planning this time vs. trying to follow the guidelines and being spontaneous. Seriously, I AM a planner, I NEED to plan!

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Are you tired of reading about my goal for August?

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This was another HeartStrings donation top from the quilters at St. Mary’s in CT. I had this one quilted but not bound before my I started my goal of 10 tops by the end of August.

I finished up the quilting on #10 yesterday and hope to get the binding done today so I can stitch on it tonight watching the Olympics.

All 10 tops are quilted, 8 quilts were bound (two I get to send back to their owners for binding) and I have one more binding to do. Not bad but I’m still not caught up so my plan is to go for another 10 tops quilted in September. I’m heading out of town on Monday for a week and then we’ll be gone the first week of September so I may be overly ambitious here – we’ll have to see.

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Binding finished

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Another binding finished last night – this VERY cute top was pieced by Deborah. I showed a close-up of the quilting the other day but you can click on this photo for a larger view too.

I combined my walk today with some errands – to the post office to mail two quilts to Alycia for her Quilts of Valor project; then downtown to Barnes and Noble and Target.

I’ve sat with Chesty for a bit and now I’m ready to head downstairs and hopefully finish up the quilting I started yesterday.

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Weight-loss Wednesday – Week 3

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Not much progress this week but I’m feeling pretty good and my pants fit better so I’m going to keep at it.

  • No weight loss this week – 6 lbs lost in 3 weeks
  • Walking goals met although I’ve had to count shorter 15-20 minute walks and not just 30-1 hour to get my time in.
  • Still doing great with the water – 64 oz water intake 6 out of 7 days

How did YOU do this week?

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In progress

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I managed to get the binding on the small quilt from yesterday and pieced a backing for this one this morning but with Chesty being very demanding today – it’s not finished yet. I’m about 1/2 way done with the quilting and the bubbles are looking great. I decided to go with the hearts on the next quilt.

For those wondering how Chesty is doing with his recovery – he’s fine but having a problem with continued confinement and the restrictions on running, playing, and jumping. His incision is completely healed so the last couple days I’ve let him go without the e-collar when he’s in the crate and so far he’s being good and not biting on the leg.

I thought a walk in the park this afternoon would buy me a couple hours of quilting time but he was barking for me after an hour.

Hopefully, I’ll get the binding stitched down tonight and I’ll show you a full photo of Deborah’s donation top tomorrow.

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