UFO finished/Sunday Progress Report/Weigh in

Here’s the last top finished this week – it’s also a UFO finish and completely from stash so I’m very pleased with this one! I love the texture the Bubbles pantograph gave it and think I made the right choice for quilting. I left this photo large so you can click on it to see a better view of the quilting.

Instructions can be found at my MaryQuilts.com site for anyone interested.

So my progress report is:

  • 2 tops quilted – goal of 10 before the end of August met
  • 4 quilts bound
  • Wonky Tree blocks assembled into a small top 
  • My Stash used total goes up to 77.5 yards (includes completed quilts only)
  • No fabric purchased this week

I also did my weigh in this morning since I’ll be leaving tomorrow for the airport at 3:30AM!! I have a loss of 1.4 lbs for a total of 7.4 lbs in 3 and 1/2 weeks. I’ll be traveling most of the next two weeks so I hope I can avoid gaining any back – we’ll see!

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26 Responses to “UFO finished/Sunday Progress Report/Weigh in”

  • Hanne:

    What a wonderful strip quilt Mary!
    I love the effect 🙂

  • Jessica:

    Oh, I love it!!!! You are right…the quilted Bubbles was absolutely the right choice. Its gorgeous!! (I recognize some of your fabrics, I have the same ones in my stash!) 🙂

  • Vicki W:

    Oh my gosh, I love that quilt! I hope you have a great trip.

  • Nancy:

    The quilt is beautiful: I particularly like the top border. It makes the quilt a bit more unique: although, the backgrounds on the hearts make them pop, too. This is definitely one of my favorites. Nice job

  • carmen:

    I love the quilting, the hearts are just as petty, how do you do it~!!!

  • Anonymous:

    Love it! One of the best you’ve done. Making my fingers “itch” to get one stitched! Travel safe and let us hear from you as often as you can 😉

    Flatlander (Linda)

  • QuiltyBird:

    Wow! Another winner of a quilt, Mary! You are so creative, talented, prolific, generous, etc.

  • Cher:

    what a bright and fabulous quilt this turned out to be Mary! and a ufo finish to boot- win/win!
    I will have to make one like this too.

  • woolywoman:

    Nice quilt! Love the use of color.

  • Ruthie:

    WOW, I love that quilt. I will be making one also. Love the bubbles also.

  • Irene:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Anonymous:

    That is a Wow love the brites Pepper

  • AllenQuilts:

    Love that quilt! Congrats on the weight loss…I need to get back to work on that, too.

  • Barb:

    WOW that is one more of your gorgeous quilts, so much fun looking at your blog and the quilts you show. Thank you for sharing! Have a safe trip!

  • mamaspark:

    Wow Mary, I really love this one. I especially like the blocks at the top. Clever!

  • Laurie:

    LOVE that quilt, but i love the brights! also…just count your points while gone…i am hoping to hit lifetime on tuesday or wed and then head to maryland for a long weekend…our son plays soccer in salisbury!

  • meggie:

    I have had a very enjoyable time catching up with all your posts. Hope Chesty is well again.

  • Screen Door:

    Mary — I love this!!! It’s gotta make someone happy….I smile just looking at it…

  • Pam:

    I think this is my favorite heartstrings quilt so far…really like it. Also the top wonky block border is a fun touch.

    Enjoy your travels.


  • Julia:

    Oooooo, I love this one!! It is going on my list to make. I have a pile of 30’s strings that I pulled out the other day. Time to make a couple more charity quilts. Thanks for the idea and sharing it!!!

  • Darcie:

    That is a very cool quilt, Mary! From the colors to the pattern to the quilting! Bravo to you!

  • Diane:

    The quilt is so pretty. I want to try it. Maybe when I get serious about finishing my other projects. Have a great trip!

  • Jacquie:

    lovely. so different from most of these types of quilts.

  • YankeeQuilter:

    The border on the top is very interesting. Adds a lot to the quilt (which was already very nice!)

  • Evelyn aka Starfishy:

    After a 2nd look – I spy that great top border – clever and unexpected!

  • Morah:

    This is WONDERFUL! I’ve been looking for our next project and here it is! Just magnificent.

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