#10 is in progress

Hearts may be overkill with the heart sashing on this top but I couldn’t resist quilting my freehand hearts on it. I’m having some thread breakage but have changed to a larger needle so wish me luck! (Click photo for a larger view of the quilting)

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7 Responses to “#10 is in progress”

  • D2Quilter:

    Love the hearts! My quilt group did a string quilt for a local Quilts for kids w/Cancer. I’ll have to post a pic, it turned out way cute!

  • meggie:

    Looks perfect to me!

    How is Chesty? Give him a hug from mexx

  • Stephanie D.:

    I don’t think it’s overkill–I like the relationship! Such pretty freehand hearts!

  • Jackie Russell:

    I love the hearts!

  • swooze:

    Looks great! Your 10th for the month. Are all your goals done now?

  • Rachel:

    I am ready to quilt my string quilt. Do you normally match your thread to the center color? I am having a hard time trying to decide on thread color.

  • Passionate Quilter:

    Wow–you are being really good at sticking to your goals! And it’s not even the end of the month! Good for you. And I love your freehand hearts–who says you don’t do it very even? 🙂 I’ll have to try those!

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