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HeartStrings Block Party

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Our HeartStrings block inventory is low so I’ve decided it’s time for a Block Party. We’re going to be sewing HeartStrings blocks to send in for group quilts this weekend. We’re asking for everyone to join us in making blocks according to our guidelines that will be combined with other blocks into quilts and donated.

The center strips can be BLUE, RED, or GREEN.

If anyone wants to join us – you can make 1 or 100 blocks, all contributions are appreciated – please email me for the address to mail blocks.

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Lots of progress since yesterday afternoon. Top #8 is quilted – this HeartStrings quilt will go back to Deb in AZ who pieced it.

I also started assembling the blocks from the Quilting Queens guild. I spoke to them about HeartStrings in August and they surprised me with these blocks. Some I cut some in half for the border and this is all ready for me to add a red border and then the string border.

And finally, I ran Chesty in for grooming – he’s still not allowed to be bathed but he was so hot and way overdue for a haircut that I had them shave him.

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My main Quiltathon activity so far today has been watching the USA win the Ryder Cup but I have been working on hand quilting my Wonky Trees. All my words are stem stitched (click photo for a larger view).

I’ve quilted a tree in this tone on tone block and although I’ve quilted through the other trees I think this one will get lost if I quilt the fly stitches on the inside so I’m leaving it as is for now. I still have most of the top row to fill in with fly stitches but it’s coming along.

This top by Deb in AZ is the next one to be loaded – it will be going back to her to donate and she said she’d be happy with Baptist Fans BUT I’m not going to quilt across this dark sashing with light thread so I’m going to do some line dancing in these blocks.

I’ve been practicing on paper but first I wasted time looking for my copy of the book. I couldn’t find it anywhere but luckily, there are examples online so I was still able to pick a design.

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Family Postcard Exchange

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I think I’ve mentioned our family postcard exchange we started back in April. There are 9 of us exchanging this month , (Mom, 2 sisters, 2 cousins, 2 of my cousin’s daughters, my aunt, and myself) and the *theme* was work. Since HeartStrings is my work, I made a mini string block and added hearts for my exchange card for the month. I decided to try a different edging but I should have cut the block straight and just pinked the postcard itself. Live and learn!

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American Red Cross

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Two or three years ago when there was so much controversy about the Red Cross, I diverted donations that I normally would have made to them to Habitat for Humanity, where the majority of our donation dollars go. Gradually over the last year or so, I started making donations again when I’d see a natural disaster on the news.

I’m not sure if it’s the number of disasters they’re having to respond to, a drop in donations, or both but I do find it concerning that they’re having to borrow money to maintain relief operations for the recent hurricanes.

Can you help?
American Red Cross Disaster Relief

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