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Get ready for more agonizing!

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This is next up – pieced by Mom for another sister (you know I have 3 of them don’t you?). I don’t have a clue where I’m going to go with this but I’m sure it will involve a lot of agonizing! By the way, I sent Maureen a photo of her wallhanging and she’s very happy with it.
My Photoshop Elements class is over but I’ll continue to create pages and hopefully learn more as I go. I’m going to switch from the 12×12 format used in the class to a 8×10 format that I can print out here at home. I won’t necessarily be showing the pages as I create them, but I did create a link on my sidebar to the online album that I’m posting them in just in case anyone is interested in following my progress.

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For better or worse, it’s done

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I don’t feel confident in my ability to quilt into this applique with either a continuous line of quilting or without having unsightly starts and stops so I’m going to use buttons in the flowers and if I feel it needs more, I’ll hand embroider just enough detail to *tack* it down.

I need to keep reminding myself when I’m doing something like this that quilting is my hobby and my quilting ability is what it is …. I don’t represent my quilting as being professional and I don’t charge people for the quilting I do. I’m sure Maureen will be fine with the results.

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I’m curious, do most of you track visitors to your site? I watch my site statistics for both my blog and my website and it’s always interesting. I’m amazed that my blog gets 600-700 visits a day but usually only less than 30 emails and comments.

I also look at the stats for my websites to see which of the *instruction sheets* is getting the most traffic. Using a *free* counter only gets a limited amount of data but here’s the latest from my site. My Boxed Squares instructions are getting more hits than the other ones….maybe because I just finished quilting it?? It’s a little more than half way bound so it won’t be long before it’s completely finish thank goodness!


So, if you visit my site but never comment, won’t you introduce yourself?

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I’m paralyzed by white space

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See this tiny little wallhanging made by my sister? I’ve been debating all day what to quilt in this background. She doesn’t do any freemotion quilting so I could just meander it and it would be fine but no….

I start out the morning drawing things I might actually use on the quilt….maybe swirls

maybe swirls and curls….

maybe a leaf meander….

speaking of leaves – I just watched the DVD by Patsy Thompson…..these aren’t going on this quilt….
and neither is this……….
this certainly isn’t going on so why did I spend so much time drawing all this?

Oh look, it’s time to think about dinner….the top still isn’t started….

but we’ll have SOUP for supper!

Seriously, I’ve done nothing but load that top and draw all day – oh wait, I did make soup too!

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Photoshop Elements Class

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Click on photo for a larger view

I’m done with my class – Up and Running with Photoshop and I thought I’d let you know how it went. The above page is plain so you know it’s one I did from scratch after watching the tutorial on how to crop the three photos.

It’s a self-paced 4 week class but of course, I had to work it at a faster pace. I focused more on process, than the content of my pages so I will probably go back and redo some of the earlier ones.

If interested, you can see the other finished pages too. Most of these were using the exact papers and layouts from the class – a few are a little more personalized.

For those interested in the class, I just want to caution – it’s a digital scrapbooking class and while you do learn the basics of Photoshop Elements (or Photoshop), it’s focus is on using the program for scrapbooking.

I had fun and will definitely take more classes but I will say, I wish the video had a pause button. I’m not one for watching something all the way through before trying it myself so I’d get behind when I couldn’t work a new task as quickly as in the video. However, each class was broken down into tasks so I could replay a certain task without replaying the entire video but I found it strange not to have pause, fast forward, and rewind buttons for the videos.

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Time’s running out

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I know I won’t get through October’s list before the end of the month but I’d like to check off a few more items. I loaded and quilted two pillowshams for my aunt today – I’d been procrastinating because I really prefer to do overall quilting – freehand, pantograph, or my CL templates but I needed to get these done — and now they can be shipped back with the other top I quilted for her.

These shams match this top I quilted for her last year.

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