26 thoughts on “UFO #17

  1. gquilts

    WOOO HOOO don’t finishes feel GREAT!! Looks wonderful and I love the motif you used for this … perfect for the quilt



  2. Joyce

    I like it a lot. It reminds me of one of Gwen Marston’s quilts in her new book, but hers are more wonky.

  3. Owens Family Adventures

    That looks wonderful!! I love the colors so much! I think, right now, you should have a giveaway. The person who tells you that they like you so very much first gets the quilt! Sound good?? Hmmmmm

  4. Owens Family Adventures

    Just wanted to stop on by and tell you that…


    giggle giggle!!

  5. D2Quilter

    10 months is getting a quilt of my own done way early!! I have tops that are several years old here waiting to be quilted!! LOL Yep, they’re my own. Customers come first! Happy Haunting!

  6. Quiltin' LibraryLady

    So pretty. I really like the quilting on it, especially the back that you showed in a previous post, the line dancing really made a nice design on the back.

  7. Nanci

    I love the colours you choose Mary, as they are bright and cheerful.
    I wonder how many you have in stock and how many a year you send to Heartstrings.
    If I sent you a top? Simple as mine are would you simply quilt it and send it to Heartstrings? How does that work?

  8. Julia

    I love the colors in this quilt. Simple yet very striking. This would be a good pattern when you want the fabrics to speak for themselves. It would also be a great way to use a jelly roll. Thanks for sharing, you have inspired me once again! :~)

  9. LC

    Very nice! Colors are great but it is the contrast that makes this one pop. You did well in arranging the blocks!

  10. Vicky

    Very nice quilt, Mary. This looks like it could be displayed from fall thru Christmas. Do you get to keep this one?
    Vicky F

  11. Anonymous

    Hi Mary, I love to read your blog every day on my lunch hour. Not only to I appreciate the photos of the quilts you make, but love that you write about how you quilt them and what patterns you use. Sometimes the actual quilting is the hardest part for me. I don’t have a blog and can’t comment from my work computer, but I look forward to see what you are always up to. Thanks for sharing your life and adventures. Lin in Ohio

  12. Simone de Klerk

    Hi Mary, you make beautiful quilts! Unbelievable, all those quilts you have finished. Very inspirational.

  13. Candace

    I love your boxed squares. It is cheerful and happy, and now I’m going to go look at the close ups and instructions.

  14. Karla

    I love this quilt! Not sure if it’s the colors, or just the squares, or what, but I just love it!

  15. Carolyn

    Mary, I love this quilt. I saw it and immediately started making the blocks. I posted about it on my blog . I can’t wait to see how it is going to look. Only 20 more blocks to go. Love your blog. Thanks for the great patterns. ~ Carolyn

  16. Ann

    I love this quilt!! Thank you for sharing the pattern. Did you use a tool for the quilting? I think it is perfect.

  17. Ann

    I asked about the tool used for quilting the Boxed Squares but didnt have my email enabled for a reply. Please try again. My boxed squares quilt is nearly complete, what a great yet simple pattern. Thanks, Ann

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