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Bendable Light

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Here’s a link to the light I purchased for my sewing machine. I was buying DVD’s from Patsy Thompson’s site so I went ahead and bought the light there too. I’m sure it’s available in other places too.

Bendable Light

There’s no magnet with this light – it uses that sticky 3m product to attach to the side of the sewing machine. (At least I think it’s made by 3m but I’m not going to go look).

PLEASE, if you’re going to ask me a question – I need your email address! Just type it right into the comment box. I try to respond to ALL questions when I have an email address. I rarely type up a separate post to answer questions.

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HeartStrings Sew-in

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Blogger seems to have changed the order they upload photos but I’m not going to bother to rearrange them.

First, from our Heartstrings Sew-in yesterday – we mainly worked on making blocks and assembling tops but after I said I hadn’t understood instructions for creating pillowcases with no exposed seams, we had a lesson thanks to Ethel. I only sewed the cuff on the one I was holding before going back to assembling my green blocks but Sheree finished sewing it.

(From L-R) Sheree, Barb, me, Virginia

Here’s a neat gadget I finally broke down and bought – a *spotlight* for my sewing machine. It’s pricey at almost $50 but boy does it help my aging eyes see better.

We took a field trip yesterday to a local quilt shop in Rochester, MN where among other purchases, I replenished my background stash with these fat quarters.
Finally, I can check completing this top off my to do list for October – I assembled it yesterday at the sew-in. Today, I’ve managed to get the binding made and machine stitched to my Boxed Squares – I’ll work on stitching that down later.

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This quilt has a mind of it’s own!

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Right now it’s a perfect 72 inches square (well maybe not perfect). The latest plan was to only add the pieced letter borders to the top and bottom and end up with a rectangular quilt. But! I think it needs a border all the way around so now the question is do I add one more row of blocks so it won’t be square? I do have extras that were sent to me…or do I add the border with the pieced letters and have a square quilt?? I’m stewing on it for now…..

Here’s a view of the back – most blocks have a signature from the person who sent them but some have more – see the once on the (l) completely covered in writing? That one is from Bonnie and it describes the significance of all the fabric she used in her block. I’m going to make a “map” once I decide the top of the quilt so I’ll know where everyone’s blocks ended up. I have this crazy idea in my head that once the quilt is done – I’ll take my time and embroider everyone’s name and location on the finished quilt. We’ll see….

And here’s the basket of quilts from the first photo – I’m documenting the donations on the HeartStrings site and these will go to Barb tomorrow at our HeartStrings Sew-in for Project Linus.
There are quilts from Barbara in FL, from the St. Mary’s quilters in CT, from Deborah, and from Deb in AZ in this batch – all of them sent tops for me to quilt and donate.

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No photo – maybe later

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I finished another Photoshop lesson – although I could already use the very basic elements of the program, I’m learning lots!

I also made a bit of progress on my HeartStrings Anniversary quilt – I keep modifying the design with these goals:

  • A good size sofa quilt (somewhere in twin size range)
  • Use at least ONE block from everyone who sent blocks to me (some people sent extras)
  • Have at least one border with the free pieced letters – top and bottom would be best.

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It’s beginning to look doubtful that I’ll get all the way through my October list. I’ve been distracted by a number of things since getting home from Denmark and not doing nearly as much piecing as I though I would.

I can’t stand being inside at home when we’re having such beautiful Autumn weather so I find myself outside walking, running errands, sitting in a coffee shop reading, doing some more walking.

With photos from my walks and Denmark – I’m distracted with digital photography and photoshop. I went ahead and signed up for an online class and started that yesterday. I’m taking a self pace beginner class and while I know some of the material – I’m learning other good things.

While I was at it, I signed up for another free class that starts in November. It’s called Stories at Hand and I see it as kind of a journaling class. My blog meets a lot of my needs for journaling but there are other things that are personal I’d like to write about but don’t (won’t) share here on the blog.

Along the same educational lines – I purchased a bunch of DVD’s from Patsy Thompson and have started viewing them – it’s going to take me quite a bit of time to get through and absorb them but I enjoy learning so it will be time well spent – especially if I can translate some of it into my quilting.

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Naming quilts

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Where do you guys get this stuff from? I can’t believe how many creative names you all came up with? Karen gave me an excellent suggestion – I created a list with the names I didn’t use for future quilts.

While they were all great, I narrowed it down to my favorites:

Zing-a-ring-ding a Red Fling
Venetian Blinds (this one got a lot of votes from other readers!)
Red Rover, Red Rover
“Well Red”
Ruby Slippers: There’s No Place Like Home
“May the Road Rise Up to Meet You.”

and then I chose…..

Red Rover

It’s not quite as creative as some of the other names but I’m going to take baby steps here.


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