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Not the best photo …but more progress

All ready to quilt last night….

Finished this morning…. top #7 of 10 for November is done.

So my *done* list now looks like this:

Log Cabin quilted and trimmed
5 of 8 postcards for our December Exchange done
2nd load of laundry done
Loaded and started quilting the Log Cabin top
Finished 1st load of laundry
Hand stitched the binding on the Green HS quilt
Started my December postcards
Pieced backing for the Log Cabin top
Made binding and machine stitched it on the Green HS
Finished November’s postcard

It’s 5:30AM and the easy part is done, now I just have to stay awake most of today. I think I’ll go downtown for breakfast around 9AM – it’s in the mid 20’s out there so a brisk walk in the cold should help.

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I’ve got 5 of the 8 postcards I need for the December exchange completely finished now. The photo doesn’t do these first ones justice – they’re very cute. The fabric has red and green tinsel like threads running through it, the trees are green wool held in place by red beads.

I backed and finished the edges on the 3 snowmen postcards too. The first one I just did my usual zigzag edge but on the other two….
I stitched a straight line and then used a deckle blade to trim the edges. I like this edge best.
I have an idea for the remaining 3 cards but I need to refer to a one of my postcard books first. Back to quilting for a little while and then it will be time for another break.

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Why push?

Linda commented and asked why I push myself….well there’s a couple reasons.

First, I need to get back on a regular sleep schedule because I have an upcoming trip to GA to visit my sons so this involves staying up tomorrow morning – the night part is easy – I’ve been up all night for the last week or two but have been sleeping during the day.

Second, tired and non-productive turns into the blues for me so basically, I’m playing a game with myself – to see how much I can get done while I’m meeting my first goal of getting back on *days*.

So here’s the done list so far:
Started 2nd load of laundry
Loaded and started quilting the Log Cabin top
Finished 1st load of laundry
Hand stitched the binding on the Green HS quilt
Started my December postcards
Pieced backing for the Log Cabin top
Made binding and machine stitched it on the Green HS
Finished November’s postcard

Here’s a photo of the quilting on the Log Cabin – simple freehand leaves and curls. Now to work on the postcards for a while.

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Quiltathon – update 2

The binding is done – I’ll wait until morning to take a photo on the porch. Not much progress on the laundry but one load is done which is better than nothing.

Keith got home from his dinner so I took a little break to chat with him and now that he’s gone to bed it will be back to work after I finish checking email and a few blogs….yes, there are breaks built in to this quiltathon!

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Quiltathon – update #1

Getting ready to break for dinner so I thought I’d share my progress.

Decided I might as well get caught up on the laundry while I’m in productive mode so load # 1 is in the wash.

The binding is made and machine stitched on – I’ll work on this a couple hours next while I watch some TV.
I pieced a backing for this log cabin quilt – I just realized that I need this quilt done in the next 2-3 weeks and with my Thanksgiving week plans I need to move it up the list. It will get loaded tonight after my couple hours of TV.

I started my Christmas Postcards. We usually just exchange one card each month but for December we have an option of sending one to everyone participating. I’m not doing anything elaborate but will make 2-3 different ones to send out. There are 9 of us that participate so I need to make 8 of them. The cute snowman print just has some snowflake brads attached – cute and quick. The other two are waiting for trees and I’m still debating what to do for the remaining ones.
And just because this was on my camera from yesterday. The IDS center has a beautiful atrium. I had lunch at a restaurant here yesterday.

See you in a few hours with another update.

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My own personal Quiltathon

I’ve been feeling very, very tired and lazy the last few days and with Keith gone last week, my sleep patterns are completely messed up. I’ve been up all night and sleeping away most of the day but with my upcoming trip to GA and my need to get some actual work done – I’ve decided on a personal Quiltathon tonight.

I’ll stay up ALL night and the goal will be to NOT go to bed until tomorrow night. If I find I can’t manage staying up all day tomorrow – I’ll try for just a quick afternoon nap.

Keith has a business dinner tonight and I’ve already started working. I’ll share my progress with you through the night and into the day tomorrow. Wish me luck!

My first two projects were to piece and sew a binding on the green HeartStrings quilt – I’ll work on stitching it down while I watch America’s Next Top Model and Criminal Minds later tonight and I also got the backing fused and finished the edges of my postcard for our November exchange.

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Just a reminder

Have a question? Want an answer? Enable your email address in blogger or leave your email address in your comment.

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#6 of 10

A HeartStrings top pieced by Barbara in FL and quilted today with Wonky Flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD makes the 6th of 10 tops quilted so far this month.

Just a comment on these clamps from Tomorrow’s Heirlooms. I like them a lot better than the clamps that came with my Gammill but they are fragile. I broke another one today – the plastic broke right where the velcro attaches. I first bought a set in May 2007 and both had broken within about 9 months. I replaced them in July 2008 and bought 2 sets at that time just in case I broke another one. At $20 a set they’re not all that expensive but I do wish they were sturdier.

I’ve got an errand to run and then hopefully, I’ll have time to get a binding sewn on before Keith gets home from work.

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Working? Not me….

I know some people are participating in Judy’s Quiltathon this weekend but I haven’t sewn a single stitch. Keith’s sister left today – it was a quick visit but we had fun. Does anyone recognize this Minneapolis symbol?


I thought I’d show you a full shot of my little tree too – I’m not crazy about the branches stuffed in the bottom of the pot but if I understood correctly, they’re  just sticking in the pot and they’ll die off or I could even just pull them out. The plan is that this will be our Christmas tree this year too – we’ll put some lights on it and it will adorn my deck both before and after Christmas.

Christmas tree

You’ve seen this quilt already

but I just bought this potted tree for my deck since my flowers are gone – I need to practice getting the quilt photo at the right angle since the tree is taller than the stand with my flowers.


For those interested a photo of the log cabin quilt on my chair can be seen here at this link.

New shoes

I saw this post on Suzanne’s blog about the shoes she was ordering….I needed a pair of dark tennis shoes for the winter with good support for all the walking we do. I ordered these Thursday and they came on Friday…free shipping and rather than the 4-5 days they promised, they arrived overnight.

At first when I put them on they felt kind of weird but I wore them when we walked downtown for dinner last night and they were really comfortable. The reviews warned that they ran about a half size small but I’m not sure I completely agree. Normally I wear a 7 or 7 and 1/2 so so I ordered the 7 and 1/2. I tend to wear thicker socks in the winter so they’ll work just fine for me but they felt a little, tiny bit loose with my thinner socks.

Funny, I was telling my SIL and Keith that I’d ordered my first pair of shoes online and she said she orders shoes all the time from Zappos…which is exactly where I ordered these…free shipping both ways. Can’t beat that.

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Let the fun begin

These chests are my favorite pieces of furniture – I have 3 of them. Most of the time they act like end tables….but when I have company coming….
everything gets tossed inside and all the sudden things look neat! I’m done with the cleaning and Keith and his sister arrived around 6PM. We walked downtown for dinner and drinks and had the best time….and my house is sparkling clean!

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Almost done

I spent most of the day cleaning and now I just have to put the clean dishes away and wipe the counters down one last time. The dishes I’ll do tonight and tomorrow after picking up a few groceries I’ll give the counters one last swipe.

I like having family visit but don’t like getting ready! This will be a very short visit from Keith’s sister. She’s arrives late tomorrow afternoon and leaves Sunday morning.

Next on the to do list (probably won’t get done until Sunday)

  • Load top #6 on the longarm
  • Bind the green Heartstrings quilt

Just 9 days and counting before we head to the Atlanta area to see the boys. I came across these photos yesterday when I was looking for the *cleaning* photos. They were taken about 9 years ago, the boys would have been 14 and 15. I haven’t seen them since July and damn, I miss them!

Chris & Adam 2000

Another finish

I managed to get this one labeled last night – a HeartStrings top pieced by Marianne which will go to Alycia for her Quilts of Valor project – it was the one I was binding on Veteran’s Day. Quilted with my Swirls template from Circle Lord.

And look what came in the mail from Deb. I found the cutest napkin pattern and sent it to her as a gift…I’m not saying I did it so I’d get some too but I can’t say it wasn’t in the back of my mind that she might make me a set. Thanks Deb!

Deb’s made these in several colors already.
Black and Red
Tropical AND a Christmas set

Now I can’t delay my cleaning any longer….

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I hate cleaning

I’ve been pretty spoiled – Keith and the boys always helped and even did the bulk of the cleaning and then for a few years in GA, I had someone come in and clean but this week I’m on my own. We have company coming on Friday and Keith is out of town so I can’t even rope him into helping me out.

I’ve been doing bits and pieces of it all week but tomorrow the bulk of it has to be done – after spending all of today running errands – I’m not too thrilled with another day I won’t be able to quilt. Did I mention I’m spoiled?

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I love when it snows at night

I just took Chesty out one last time before we head to bed – there’s a light dusting of snow and there’s still a little coming down. I love the quiet and light of a snowy night.

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Veteran’s Day

Both my father and father-in-law were veterans and while I feel fortunate that my husband and sons have not HAD to serve in the military, I’m grateful for those that do.

This photo was taken in September when we visited my father-in-law’s burial site in Arlington National Cemetery. I’m commemorating today by working on a HeartStrings quilt that will go to a wounded soldier via Alycia‘s project.

For those of you interested in digital scrapbooking, there’s a free kit with papers and elements here : Veteran’s Day 2008

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I wasn’t going to bore you

Really, I wasn’t going to bore you with a blow by blow account of my learning experiences with Photoshop Elements but I thought this technique was appropriate for a quilting blog and some of you might be interested.

I’d seen stitch elements in some of the digital scrapbook pages and wanted to learn how to do it so I did a google search and came up with this brief explanation…. my stitch length is probably too short. By the way, I only created the one line of stitches and then I cut and pasted it into the other spots.

I’d also seen some pages using a photograph as a background and thought I’d try that – can you tell the background photo is right after his surgery? and the insert is now?

I realize that making scrapbook pages for a DOG is rather pathetic but he’s a cuter subject than Keith or I and I’m creating the pages to learn techniques…not necessarily because I feel the need to document the dog’s life (it’s just a coincidence that the stitching tutorial also used a doggie photo).

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#5 of 10

Pieced by the quilters at St. Mary’s in CT and quilted with freeform Baptist Fans here’s my first quilt under the new lights and the 5th top for the month. I also made some bindings and pieced a back today so I’m moving my way down the list.

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Let there be light!

What a huge difference. I could have gotten the longer track – I debated whether to get 6 or 8 feet and went with 6 feet…and I definitely am going to add one more light – maybe even two but it’s already 500% better than what I had in here. And it’s positioned perfectly so no shadows!

By the way, doesn’t that big plain wall need a quilt on it?? Now that I have some light, I need to try and organize the room a little better and put some things on the walls.

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