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I’m sewing!

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HeartStrings is having a virtual sew-in New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and I decided to get an early start.

I haven’t used my design wall since the move in April but felt I really needed it up to help keep track of which novelty squares I’d used and which colors I needed to use for framing squares so I took over the area at the top of the stairs outside my sewing room for the next couple days – there’s a bathroom behind that door but luckily, we have others.

And look who was sitting outside my room keeping an eye on my progress until Keith went to bed about 10 minutes ago.

I had a lot of fun meeting Suzanne for lunch today – don’t worry Deb, I didn’t talk about you TOO much! Again, if you have a chance to meet fellow bloggers/quilters in person, make the time – it’s well worth it.

Keith and I have been slipping and sliding on the ice the last week and I was betting he’d go down first but instead on my way to catch the light rail to meet Suzanne, I fell this morning. Nothing that a little Aleve won’t take care of but I was glad no one saw me go down.

Now, I’m heading back up to the sewing room – I’ve got at least another few hours of work left in me!

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I don’t do well with failure

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These may be a little hard to see so go ahead and click on them to enlarge.

I don’t like having an idea that doesn’t turn out as well as I have it pictured in my head so I decided to try these two postcards again. Since I liked the snowflake so much I used the same background and am doing the same embroidery stitches in the snow. I also changed the direction of this first one and put it on point. Looks like fireworks doesn’t it??
I haven’t stitched the snow in this one on the left yet but I decided to try to add snowflakes on the reject – I hate to waste my efforts too so I have a habit of trying to add to something that’s not working. This looks a little better so the reject might just show up in someone’s mail box even through it’s certainly not my best effort.
And just so you don’t think I’m more creative than I am….when I was looking for the beads for the snowflake I saw these iron-on crystal packets….both the above cards came with the crystal design already in place and all I had to do was press them to my postcard. They were $2-3 dollars and then on sale at Joann’s so I thought they were worth a try.

By the way, all these postcards have the same blue background although it looks black in some photos. The second photo shows the truest color.

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If you ever have the chance….

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If you ever have the chance to meet an online friend in person – please don’t pass it up. Today I met Cecile (and her husband and son) at a local coffee shop and had the best time. I got to see one of her quilts and a knitted scarf and sweater she’d made for her son. She even gave me some knitting pointers so if I can manage to retrain myself – I might actually knit a bit faster.

Tomorrow, I’m going to meet Suzanne for lunch at the Mall of America too. Keith is amazed that I actually have 2 social events planned in two days.

I had a great walk this afternoon to and from the coffee shop and when I got home, I had postcards in the mailbox from our family exchange. Usually we just exchange one card per month but for December we made it optional to make and send cards to everyone. This first one is from my Aunt and the second one is from my sister, Deb.

I also decided to remake the two postcards I wasn’t happy with, using the split background and the embroidery stitches in the snow since I was so pleased with how the snowflake card turned out.

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Playing with postcards

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I decided that the snow portion of my postcard needed texture so I randomly stitched it with white perle cotton. All photos should enlarge if you click them.

And I loved how it turned out.

I decided to try a couple really simple ones using iron on crystals but I’m not too impressed with my stitches on the year – maybe I need to do it smaller. I may need to do another beaded one since I’m not really happy with how these are turning out.

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Brunch, a movie, dinner at home

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Why is it when we have company we seem to go from planning one meal to the next?? We took the kids to brunch at Hell’s Kitchen this morning. Chris liked the chandelier with all the knives in the background. Then a movie, then a couple quiet hours before it was time to cook dinner. They’ll leave tomorrow afternoon – maybe I’ll think about sewing on Monday!

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Although shopping isn’t top on my list, we took the Light Rail to the Mall of America today. I did find a new Jim Shore figure to add to the two I bought last year. When we got home, a game of Scrabble – not a favorite of the kids!

I’m getting a little antsy to spend some time piecing or quilting but the kids will be leaving on Sunday afternoon and until then, I’ll focus on spending time with them. Come January, Keith will be traveling and I’ll have plenty of time for quilting.

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