It was Merry

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I did miss the walk because I was cooking but Chris and Becky got to walk a bit this afternoon with Keith in between eating French Toast (another tradition) for breakfast and a big turkey dinner.

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8 Responses to “It was Merry”

  • Stephanie D.:

    I just love that photo of Chesty all snuggled up!

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  • swooze:

    Chesty looks like a baby in his bassinett! Do you cover him or does he manage to snuggle under his blankie like that himself? So cute!

  • Denise in PA:

    Merry Christmas Mary! Thanks for sharing your photos! Chesty is so sweet – love how he’s snuggled up. Hope Santa was good to him (and you)!

  • Anonymous:

    LOVE the picture of Chesty under the quilt … adorable! Glad it was a good one and that you had your family (at least part of them) around you. Flatlander (Linda)

  • Darcie:

    What a terrific photo collage…already sweet memories now.

    Merry (belated) Christmas to you and yours, Mary!

  • bingo~bonnie:

    awwwwllll Chesty looks snug as a bug.. love all the photos Mary -thanks for sharing them with all of us. 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  • meggie:

    Lovely happy photos!

  • cindyquiltsOR:

    And to continue the theme … love the pic of Chesty!

    It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, and traditions carry on!

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