Although shopping isn’t top on my list, we took the Light Rail to the Mall of America today. I did find a new Jim Shore figure to add to the two I bought last year. When we got home, a game of Scrabble – not a favorite of the kids!

I’m getting a little antsy to spend some time piecing or quilting but the kids will be leaving on Sunday afternoon and until then, I’ll focus on spending time with them. Come January, Keith will be traveling and I’ll have plenty of time for quilting.

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13 thoughts on “Shopping/games

  1. deputyswife

    If I could stop helping the boys put together all their Legos from Christmas, I might be able to get some sewing done!

    Your pictures are so pretty. Glad you are all having a wonderful time!

  2. Anonymous

    Love Jim Shore arts … have the Nativity creche in the quilted figurines. Hadn’t seen this one of the caroling puppies … LOVE IT! Enjoy your family while they’re there … winter is LONG and there will be plenty of time to piece and quilt.

  3. Anonymous

    LOVE the figurine and also LOVE the new “masthead” with Chesty guarding the quilting books! LOL Have a great visit with your kids!

  4. Nanci

    I love that art. Never heard of him before. I’ll be looking for that.
    Enjoy the holidays regards, nanci

  5. Stephanie D.

    I’m with you, Mary! I love that my daughter is here and that my brother and his wife brought their new grandson up, but I had to empty out the sewing room to house them, and I’m secretly looking forward to Sunday afternoon when they’ll all be gone and I can put everything back together and sew a little. It’s been too long!

  6. Nancy

    Who was the Scrabble champion this year?

    I have a couple of Jim Shore angels that were gifts from my sister.

    I avoid shopping until after the crowds have disappeared. I cannot stand the rudeness and the long, checkout lines.

  7. Jeanne

    Love your new Jim Shore piece! We were able to get a couple of games of Scrabble played when JJ was here. He won both of them and then went back home.

  8. Lori in South Dakota

    pretty soon the kids will leave and it will be quiet and you’ll miss them. Enjoy them while you can.

  9. Denise in PA

    I LOVE Scrabble – no one ever wants to play it with me though! Chesty looks so cute peering out from under the table! I get itchy too when I haven’t quilted for awhile. Love the Jim Shore!

  10. Becky

    Look at Chesty under the coffee table! Love it! I’m ansty to spend time with my sewing machine, too. Later……

  11. Darcie

    lol I see that Chesty is even “participating” in the Scrabble playing fun.

    Since your little reminder of Scrabble…I’ve dug out our old board and Santa even brought us a new one too. We’ve been having lots of fun playing.

    Have you ever heard of “Quibble?” (Hope I’m getting that right.) It’s a card game that’s kind of a mix of Scrabble and Rummy. Rather fun once you get going. I guess book stores usually carry it…if you want an excuse to get out for a walk and a cuppa jo. 😉

    Happy day!

  12. bingo~bonnie

    I love the peek-a-boo from Chesty 🙂 he jsut can’t tek his eyes off his momma 😉

    I have seen those figurines before but don’t know much abo0ut them.. they are neat looking but right now in my home there is no where “safe” ot display them while the twins are little… I’d love to see you show a photo on where you display yours in your home. 😉

    Hop ou are having a fun quilty Monday..Love from Texas ~bonnie

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