16 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Laurie

    this one is TOOOO cute! LOVE bright colors!!! Happy New Year and I’m glad you are OK from your fall!

  2. Beth

    I LOVE it…but then again, you know me..The BRIGHTS queen!I have to SHOVE myself to use other color combos! I will be sewing with you this holiday. I’m a football fan and my alma mater and my husbands are both in bowl games today! Back to back! How great is THAT? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. Darcie

    That is darling!

    You just sleep away…it’s stormy outside anyway. And if it’s not yet there…it’ll be coming your way soon.

    Happy New Year, Mary!

  4. Quiltin' LibraryLady

    That's so pretty and bright. Some child is going to love it to death.

    Sorry you fell, hope you didn't get too bruised. That ice is wicked!

    The Happy Blocks are all cut out & ready to sew as soon as I finsh reading the blogs & get the dishwasher going.

    Happy New Year

  5. Barb

    I love it ~ my DGD (Mickey)will need to see your blog entry, she loves *BRIGHTS*, and uses them every chance she can! Whoops on the fall, and I hope you are OK, we never want anyone to see it happen, but Mary it happens so quickly for many of us (glancing with you to see if anyone noticed)! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Jessica

    OUCH, hope you are doing ok after your fall. I completly wiped out in my own driveway the other day. Thankfully my neighbors were all at work and no one saw me, either! I’m loving these happy blocks!!!

  7. Irene

    That really is a happy quilt – love the bright colours – and I love your little helper too. Happy New Year Mary.

  8. Helen in the UK

    Love your Happy Blocks. I only got as far as sorting fabrics today … but there’s always tomorrow 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    You have been my inspiration for some time now. I am in the midst of a heartstring type quilt based on your patterns that I intend to give to a local organization that assists developmentally disabled adults, hoping that they can use it for a raffle.

    I’ve got a few scraps now after about 4 years of quilting and I just love this latest quilt of yours. I’m off to do some cutting now.

    Thanks for your beautiful quilts and great eye for color!


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