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It’s Christmas Eve!

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I’ve been in the kitchen all morning cooking and have a break now before I start baking the cookies (you know that dough has to sit in the fridge for hours!).

My journal page today was about previous years when we lived in FL and Keith’s dad was still alive. We’d always have a big family dinner and open presents at his parents’ house.
But my favorite tradition is our Christmas Eve picnic. The potato salad and devil eggs are made, I’ll start baking the cookies in an hour, Keith bought the sandwich fixings this morning so now we’ll just wait for Chris and Becky to arrive – hopefully around 5:30PM if all goes well.

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A finish

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A top pieced by Barbara in FL for HeartStrings and quilted last month is done. I did the hand stitching on the binding tonight. That makes 6 of the 10 quilted last month that are bound and finished and 4 left to do. The binding is machine stitched onto quilt #7 and I’ll work on it as time allows over the next few days.

Some line dancing in the teal squares.

Swirls in the piano key border.

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I’d intended to make some more happy blocks today but decided to play with postcards instead. I’d was going to make a snowflake for my January card to exchange with family and one of my cousin’s daughters wanted to know how to do beading on postcards so I took some time to photograph my steps.

I won’t share all the photos here but here’s the card in progress. I might make several if I can find different designs I like.

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Random items from my day

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In keeping with my attempt to capture the sights (and sounds) of Minneapolis, I snapped a couple shots last night of the snow plows. It can get noisy and it always seems like they start work in the middle of the night but since I wasn’t asleep it didn’t bother me.

Is there anything better on a very cold morning (-13 degrees) than sipping tea with breakfast and a good book right in a patch of sunlight? My kitchen gets great sun in the morning.
Speaking of tea – my mug of the day was this one I bought on my trip to Toronto.

Doesn’t Chesty look beautiful after his trip to the Beauty Parlor?

And finally, when I got home this evening I had a package waiting from Grace. I love Tim Horton’s and was upset when I found out that they had mugs and I hadn’t bought one on one of my two trips to Canada this year….and now I have one. Thanks Grace!

So now that I’ve bored you with my day – I have a question. How many of you blog about those little things from your life that you want to remember/document but that aren’t particularly interesting to other people?

For me it goes back to my blog being not just a way to interact with other quilters but it being a way to document the things in my life. And I actually sewed today too – Happy Blocks were cut out and pieced and I made and machine stitched a binding on a HeartStrings quilt.

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Skill or luck?

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When I win at Scrabble I like to think it’s skill but when Keith wins?? Has to be luck right? He’s ahead 6-3 in our tournament….I hate losing!

Chesty was supposed to go for grooming last week but we didn’t make it and rescheduled for today. Keith took this photo the other night – Chesty digs in his bed and comes out with his hair full of static. I want him to look pretty for Christmas so that will take most of my afternoon waiting around for him.

I need the car to take Chesty but since it was -13 this morning, Keith didn’t want to walk to work (wimp!) so I got up and drove him to the nearest skyway. Nice of me wasn’t it? I’m not a morning person so I did whine a bit about it.

I was going to go back to bed when I got home but after spending quality time with my computer (email, blogging, and making my journal page for the day) I should go ahead and stay up since it’s after 10 now.

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A new wordle

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I’d commented to Grace that I’d cheated with my Thanksgiving wordle and typed in the words I wanted to appear. Here’s what today’s would look like using my blog content…..obviously not much quilting going on these days!

I’ve also been continuing my hated task of the day since returning from my VA trip although I haven’t been posting it. Mainly it’s been things like unpacking, laundry, making a grocery list for our holiday meals and today’s task will be vacuuming. Then I’ll bake some cookies, make dinner, play another game of scrabble, and maybe even get a little binding done.

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I’m like a child! I couldn’t sleep last night waiting for it to start. They’re calling for 8-10 inches and it’s coming down steady so I hope we’ll get it all!

We’re heading out on foot to a local wine store for a champagne tasting. We always have Mimosa’s and Keith’s homemade French Toast on Christmas day and we tend to sip more champagne than wine during the holidays so it time to stock up!

Later, I’ll work on some more binding – I’m slowly making my way through the stack of bindings waiting from the tops I quilted last month.

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