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Skill or luck?

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When I win at Scrabble I like to think it’s skill but when Keith wins?? Has to be luck right? He’s ahead 6-3 in our tournament….I hate losing!

Chesty was supposed to go for grooming last week but we didn’t make it and rescheduled for today. Keith took this photo the other night – Chesty digs in his bed and comes out with his hair full of static. I want him to look pretty for Christmas so that will take most of my afternoon waiting around for him.

I need the car to take Chesty but since it was -13 this morning, Keith didn’t want to walk to work (wimp!) so I got up and drove him to the nearest skyway. Nice of me wasn’t it? I’m not a morning person so I did whine a bit about it.

I was going to go back to bed when I got home but after spending quality time with my computer (email, blogging, and making my journal page for the day) I should go ahead and stay up since it’s after 10 now.

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A new wordle

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I’d commented to Grace that I’d cheated with my Thanksgiving wordle and typed in the words I wanted to appear. Here’s what today’s would look like using my blog content…..obviously not much quilting going on these days!

I’ve also been continuing my hated task of the day since returning from my VA trip although I haven’t been posting it. Mainly it’s been things like unpacking, laundry, making a grocery list for our holiday meals and today’s task will be vacuuming. Then I’ll bake some cookies, make dinner, play another game of scrabble, and maybe even get a little binding done.

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I’m like a child! I couldn’t sleep last night waiting for it to start. They’re calling for 8-10 inches and it’s coming down steady so I hope we’ll get it all!

We’re heading out on foot to a local wine store for a champagne tasting. We always have Mimosa’s and Keith’s homemade French Toast on Christmas day and we tend to sip more champagne than wine during the holidays so it time to stock up!

Later, I’ll work on some more binding – I’m slowly making my way through the stack of bindings waiting from the tops I quilted last month.

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It’s a long story

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My family probably won’t believe it until it happens but Keith and I have been trying to plan a trip to Ireland for the last 10 years. Lots of trips dreamed about, two trips actually ticketed and canceled, and my standing joke is that if Keith wants to stay married then I want my honeymoon by our 20th anniversary.

Yes, I tell him that the first one didn’t count because he messed up the dates and instead of jetting off to Antigua while my brother watched Chris & Adam, we had a long weekend outside of Jacksonville with the boys (ages 4&5, in the same room of course) as we drove back from Florida where we got married to Virginia where we were living at the time.

So, with a maiden name of McLaughlin and grandparents who were born and raised in Ireland, it’s always been a dream of mine to visit and that’s the trip I chose as my *real* honeymoon.

This week, Keith booked the tickets for April. We’ll go the week before our 20th anniversary (he’s cutting it kind of close isn’t he??) They say 3rd time’s the charm so I’m crossing my fingers that this trip will go off as planned. We don’t have any great plans for seeing the entire island but will spend most of our time in Dublin and maybe do a day excursion somewhere close.

Now it’s time to pull out the 5 or 6 travel books on Ireland I’ve collected over the last several years and start to plan.

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Look what Santa brought!

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San (Gypsy Quilter) had emailed that she had some Quilt of Valor tops for Alycia’s project and we decided she’d send them here for quilting first. A package arrived today with 5 tops, fabric for backings, bindings, some extra blocks, and even a couple gifts for me!

Can you see the chicken?? I didn’t get the best photo of it did I…but it’s really cute!

And she obviously has a sense of humor too – this is how the package came addressed! Thanks San!

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Online friends

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Cecile is a reader of my blog who wrote one day and offered to send me some books. Since that time we’ve written back and forth and she’s sent other goodies including this cute little top for me to quilt and donate. She’ll be in the Minneapolis area visiting family during the holidays and we’re hoping to actually meet in person!

This was quilted with Happy Times pantograph from Lorien quilting and I finished up the binding this morning.

Aren’t you glad to see a little quilting content here for a change?

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Catch up day

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Keith’s having a Christmas party at a local restaurant tonight and as usual, after being gone I have some catching up to do. I doubt I’ll get back to any quilting today but if I do have some time before leaving I’ll work on some binding.

In the meantime, there’s my journal page for the day to create, laundry, brushing Chesty, and going through mail and paying some bills. I did keep up with my Christmas Journal while I was gone and you can view the pages by clicking on the link above.

I also managed to open the *fun* mail last night. I got postcards from Vicki (tree), Mom (poinsettias), and Barbara sent a fabric card. I love them all!

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I’m home safe and sound….after a 70 degree day in Newport News yesterday, I was greeted with 1 degree weather and snow upon my arrival at MSP airport.

An extended cab ride and I’m finally home only to find out that Keith has a business dinner tonight and won’t be here until late but Chesty was glad to see me.

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