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It’s a long story

My family probably won’t believe it until it happens but Keith and I have been trying to plan a trip to Ireland for the last 10 years. Lots of trips dreamed about, two trips actually ticketed and canceled, and my standing joke is that if Keith wants to stay married then I want my honeymoon by our 20th anniversary.

Yes, I tell him that the first one didn’t count because he messed up the dates and instead of jetting off to Antigua while my brother watched Chris & Adam, we had a long weekend outside of Jacksonville with the boys (ages 4&5, in the same room of course) as we drove back from Florida where we got married to Virginia where we were living at the time.

So, with a maiden name of McLaughlin and grandparents who were born and raised in Ireland, it’s always been a dream of mine to visit and that’s the trip I chose as my *real* honeymoon.

This week, Keith booked the tickets for April. We’ll go the week before our 20th anniversary (he’s cutting it kind of close isn’t he??) They say 3rd time’s the charm so I’m crossing my fingers that this trip will go off as planned. We don’t have any great plans for seeing the entire island but will spend most of our time in Dublin and maybe do a day excursion somewhere close.

Now it’s time to pull out the 5 or 6 travel books on Ireland I’ve collected over the last several years and start to plan.

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Look what Santa brought!

San (Gypsy Quilter) had emailed that she had some Quilt of Valor tops for Alycia’s project and we decided she’d send them here for quilting first. A package arrived today with 5 tops, fabric for backings, bindings, some extra blocks, and even a couple gifts for me!

Can you see the chicken?? I didn’t get the best photo of it did I…but it’s really cute!

And she obviously has a sense of humor too – this is how the package came addressed! Thanks San!

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Online friends

Cecile is a reader of my blog who wrote one day and offered to send me some books. Since that time we’ve written back and forth and she’s sent other goodies including this cute little top for me to quilt and donate. She’ll be in the Minneapolis area visiting family during the holidays and we’re hoping to actually meet in person!

This was quilted with Happy Times pantograph from Lorien quilting and I finished up the binding this morning.

Aren’t you glad to see a little quilting content here for a change?

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My 10 to Quilt goals have been great for my productivity and I’ve decided that I’ll choose at least 6 months during 2009 where I focus on a goal to quilt 10 tops during the month. I’ll start in January!

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A little too Merry

Too much partying last night and I’m lucky to even be sitting up. I’ll catch up on some of my blog reading but will skim and look at photos as suggested in several comments.

Doesn’t the city look festive? The photo was taken last night as we walked to the restaurant the party was held at.

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Google Reader

Ok, at 830+ plus blog posts in my google reader – it’s obvious I’m way behind. What do you do when you so far behind???

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Chesty misses me when I’m gone so we spent some quality time together today including a good brushing. He still needs grooming before the holidays so I’m taking him Monday afternoon for a bath and trim.

He’s a cutie isn’t he?

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Catch up day

Keith’s having a Christmas party at a local restaurant tonight and as usual, after being gone I have some catching up to do. I doubt I’ll get back to any quilting today but if I do have some time before leaving I’ll work on some binding.

In the meantime, there’s my journal page for the day to create, laundry, brushing Chesty, and going through mail and paying some bills. I did keep up with my Christmas Journal while I was gone and you can view the pages by clicking on the link above.

I also managed to open the *fun* mail last night. I got postcards from Vicki (tree), Mom (poinsettias), and Barbara sent a fabric card. I love them all!

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I’m home safe and sound….after a 70 degree day in Newport News yesterday, I was greeted with 1 degree weather and snow upon my arrival at MSP airport.

An extended cab ride and I’m finally home only to find out that Keith has a business dinner tonight and won’t be here until late but Chesty was glad to see me.

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It's 45 degrees and rainy here in Newport News as I wait to board my
plane but it's MINUS 10 at home right now!! Even so, I'm looking
forward to getting back and seeing Keith and Chesty.

Catching up

I’m behind a couple days on my Journal pages but managed to get one done today when we drove up to Pennsylvania to visit my uncle and aunt. My sister and brother-in-law came with us and they drove which was nice.

This prompt was about change and I chose to journal about missing the Christmases that Adam and I cooked together.

Tomorrow, Mom and I leave Maryland and head back to Virginia and then Tuesday I fly home.

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Family Time

A day spent with my family

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It’s a race!

My 3 year blogging anniversary is coming up on December 28th and I’ve been watching my stats to see if I’ll hit 500,000 visitors by that date.

I won’t be doing a giveaway (although I know they’re very popular) but I do plan on having an *Open House* so please stop by on the 28th and say hi especially if you don’t usually comment.

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Can I keep up?

So far I’ve been been able to keep up with my daily page for the Journal your Christmas class but it will be a little more challenging while I’m traveling. I brought the laptop with me and worked on today’s page in the airport. Pretty easy to tell today’s prompt is about Christmas trees.

This year’s tree is on the left in the photo above – do you have your tree up yet? Are you one of those really artistic types that have stunning trees each year?

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Northwest Lounge – MSP Airport

I’m testing uploading a photo and post directly from my phone….as if I don’t post too often already!

I’m off again

I’m heading to Virginia to pick Mom up for a road trip. We’ll be visiting Maryland for a family birthday party and then driving up to Pennsylvania for a quick visit to see my Uncle and his family. I’ll be home by Tuesday!

We’re not all together that often so I’m always excited when all 6 of us and Mom are going to be in the same place at the same time.

Can you pick me out in this photo?

How about in this one?

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Another binding finished

A HeartStrings quilt pieced by the quilters at St. Mary’s in CT and quilted with freeform Baptist Fans – don’t you love the texture the fans give it? There are also Hearts appliqued over some of the intersections where the red strips cross.

Today’s hated task is already in progress. It’s laundry and I can’t delay it any longer because I have to pack for my trip tomorrow.

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Busy but productive!

I’m having a really productive day! By the end of this evening all that will be left on my mini *to do* list for tomorrow is laundry and packing. If you’re bored you can check out December’s *Done* list.

Since I had to walk to the Post Office to ship packages today, I took my computer and went to the MPLS Central Library to work on my instructions for Happy Blocks, a special HeartStrings project for January/February.

How cool is it that they let you bring your coffee into the library? There’s an attached Dunn Brothers but I didn’t realize until today that I was *allowed* to bring my coffee in. I always go up to the 2nd floor and find a desk by the window. Free wireless too although it was a little fussy toward the end of my session.

And speaking of cool – I love seeing the moon clearly when it’s still daylight.

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A mini to do list

The prompt for my Journal your Christmas class came early so I was able to finish my page before heading to bed. Since the next couple days will be busy getting ready to travel on Thursday it’s nice to get it done.

This page as well as all the others was created in Photoshop Elements and you can click the photo to enlarge. Of all the things Adam misses about not being able to spend Christmas with the family, I think the picnic tops the list. We’ll have one this year with Chris and Becky on Christmas Eve but we’ll have a 2nd one when Adam comes to visit in February.

My list for Tues & Wed

  • Finish binding on HS quilt
  • Laundry
  • Pack – including the two donations quilts & Mom’s Birthday present
  • Ship quilts & pillowcases to Alycia and Adam’s stocking stuffers (we don’t do presents but since he’s all alone I send a few little things for his stocking)
  • Make and photograph Happy Blocks, write instructions for HeartStrings New Year’s Eve Party
  • Get some sleep!

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A change in plans

Keith called to say he was going to work through dinner so the Beef Tips I have in the crockpot will be for tomorrow night. I headed out to grab a bite to eat and went to the coffee shop to write some Christmas cards. I put them off all week so I’m counting that as my procrastinated task of the day!

It’s been snowing all afternoon and I grabbed a couple photos of Chesty. In this first one he looks like he’s admiring the snow but….
this is how he really feels as he tries to pull me back up the steps into the house!

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