This pile of strings??

Susan commented “YOU WIN! That’s the most strips that I’ve seen anyone have.” about my photo of my string bins posted the other day.

I just want to explain….this is 8+ years of leftovers from my quilting. All my strings from straightening fabric edges when cutting, all the leftover bits of backings from trimming finished quilts, leftover strips from other projects – ALL get tossed in here for use in my string quilts.

I just can’t use them as fast as I create more but I’ll keep trying.

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3 thoughts on “This pile of strings??

  1. JJ

    I love all the photos of strings and finished quilts. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one wading through the scraps.
    Hugs JJ

  2. Suzanne Earley

    I am now feeling compelled to go take pictures of my scrap/string bins. Maybe I’ll even dump them out so we can all truly appreciate how much is in them…LOL

  3. Bonnie

    Just curious… what breed is Chesty? He certainly is photogenic!

    You amaze me with your productivity. I have too many quilts going right now and not much getting finished. But I do like to jump from quilt to quilt so I don’t get bored with one. So eventually, I’ll have many finishes — or at least I hope to. B.

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