A spring like day

Saturdays are usually reserved for brunch and errands and today was no different but I carried the camera along since I have a *class* assignment. I also took along my books on Dublin to do some trip planning while we waited for Carol to pick up the quilt I did earlier this week. (I don’t usually quilt for others but this was a donation quilt.)

We have temps in the low 40’s today and the snow is melting…which will be followed by everything freezing back over tomorrow or Monday.

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4 thoughts on “A spring like day

  1. Anonymous

    The sun is out here and about zero. It’s a pretty day with lots of new snow. I see you went to Panara Bread. I love that place. Wish we had one in Alaska. Have a fun day. Diane in Alaska

  2. Nanci

    I was at a Panara Bread in florida. very yummy store. I like your composition of photos. Next thing you know you will be doing a photo quilt!

  3. Cher

    ah, all caught up – ok, at least the last eight posts- love the art binder idea you linked to…and all the wonderful quilts you were able to get quilted in January-enjoy visiting with your boys soon.

  4. Darcie

    Ah yes…except for Panera’s and Dublin…our day here was much the same. lol And Mother Nature all too quickly reminded us that it’s February and North Dakota! Icy roads and cold temps once again.

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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