Have you been looking for just the right present to send me?

EDIT: Red, Blue, Purple….I like all colors!
You guys know I can’t sew but I want one (or 5) of these! Seriously I’m not kidding, isn’t there someone out there who wants to make a present for me? Anyone? Deb??

Airplane Art Binder

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8 Responses to “Have you been looking for just the right present to send me?”

  • marilyn:

    Mary, what is your favorite color?

  • Laurie:

    WOW…I just LOVE this one! Terry Atkinson is one of my fave for patterns! Thanks Mary! I think Super Bowl Sunday will spent making some of these for girlfriends to carry in their purses!

  • Deb:

    They are cute, I’ll put it on my list……..

  • Joyce:

    I love it! I think I need one too and maybe my husband who is always sketching wherever he goes. Maybe his will be in different fabrics though. Lol.

  • Sweet P:

    I love this pattern! I’ve made a few stitching folders similar to this, but not one for pencils and note pads. I can see making several of these for different people and uses.

  • YankeeQuilter:

    What a fun project…I’ll give it a try before committing to anything!

  • Dianne:

    Wow, those are GREAT, Mary. Guess I’ll be making a visit to Office Depot or somewhere soon!

  • Marianne:

    Oh come on, Mary! You can make this! Give it a try!

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