Is it February yet?

I was in the mood to play tonight so I went ahead and made my February card for our family exchange. I wonder who will get mine this time? It’s time to post the exchange list Deb.

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17 thoughts on “Is it February yet?

  1. Screen Door

    I love this— You really have a vision at creating…. not everyone has that. I can copy— but you create first….great job.

  2. Sew Many Ways...

    Hi Mary,
    This card is wonderful and I agree with the first comment…your zig zag edge is perfect. Love the vine stitching! This may be a crazy question because I’ve never received a fabric post card, but do you actually mail it or do you mail it in something?

  3. Irene

    When Deb sees that, I’m sure she’ll be the one on the receiving end of that – it’s just darling!

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