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#7 of 10

Not the best photo but #7 of 10 tops for January is done. This HeartStrings top was pieced by Barbara in FL and sent to me to quilt and donate. Quilted with Wandering Daisies pantograph. You can click on both photos for a larger view.

Here’s a better shot of the quilting. You’ll see the rest of the top once it’s bound.

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I’m doing a better job this month keeping up with my binding as I quilt – this top was pieced by Mom and given to me to quilt and donate. It was from a kit I bought her at Tiny Stitches last year when I was in Georgia visiting the boys.

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For those of you who asked, the class I’m taking is at, it’s the 2nd one I’ve taken there. Don’t be too impressed with this first layout….the layouts are provided and you basically just go step by step to add the photo, papers, elements, and journaling BUT I did manage to redo the template when it wasn’t wide enough for my photo.
Wednesday’s challenge project (this one I did do from scratch can’t you tell?)…..I intended to take this photo of the boys and selectively recolor the cherry on the spoon but somehow, I ended up putting another photo of them over the top of it instead.

With just 2 weeks until their visit, the boys are on my mind.

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Are you easily influenced?

In general I feel I pretty much march to the beat of my own drum – I can be rather single minded, almost obsessive at times but I don’t consider myself easily influenced by what others around me are doing. So why did I grab this book instead of a mystery novel today when I headed out to the coffee shop and lunch? I’ll blame Suzanne (she’s also the one who influenced me to explore the digital photography/scrapbooking classes).

I bought this book in September on our trip to NY/DC when we visited the MET and the National Gallery of Art when I realized how little I actually know about art. I have looked at the pretty pictures but until today, hadn’t taken time to READ it.

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I’m still awake

I doubt I’ll be able to stay up all day after not going to bed at all last night but I needed to get out of the house so I worked for a while this morning and then headed to the coffee shop with my computer.

I’m taking another online class – more digital scrapbooking. The first class is making a layout using a photo that has been selectively recolored. I chose this one of Mom that I took in December when we took flowers to Dad’s grave – there was just something about the red of her coat that struck me.

I put a binding on the Polar bear & Penguin quilt and started assembling the blocks on the design wall. I really want to start a new quilt but so far I’m resisting.

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National day of service

I’d seen a post on Cheri’s blog about Obama calling for a National Day of Service today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Even though most of my days are passed in service to others, I wanted to make sure I worked on donation projects today.

Tonight, I’m working on quilting this cute top that was pieced by my Mom. She’d given it to me to quilt and donate and I’m in the mood to work on another kid’s quilt after finishing up the binding on the Happy Block quilt earlier today. I’m doing some freehand swirls and when I’m finished – it will be #6 of the 10 tops I’m quilting in January. (It will be finished tonight!)

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A walk, football, a binding

I didn’t sleep this morning after working all night but I did need a little nap this afternoon. We watched Philadelphia lose and Pittsburgh win and I managed to hand stitch this binding tonight.

If you’re interesting in making your own Happy Blocks, you can find instructions at my site.

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Sunday Progress Report

  • 2 tops quilted
  • 2 quilts bound and a 3rd almost finished
  • Half the blocks are now finished for the RWB top
  • Fabric pulled from stash for 2 backings, 2 bindings, and all the RWB blocks are from stash
  • No fabric purchased
  • 5 of 10 tops for January are quilted and the 6th is loaded on the longarm

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The halfway mark

I really thought I was much further along on this quilt until I pulled the blocks out the other day and put them up on the design wall but now I’ve finished half of them. Since this quilt has 4 distinct sections, it will be easy to assemble. Here are the red sections, I’ll play a little more with the placement of the blocks and then sew them together.

Before I started making blocks tonight, I was binding my first Happy Quilt. I made two versions and hadn’t planned on making another top but as I was ironing, I noticed the pack of charm squares sitting on top of my pink fabric.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to use these (a gift from Deb) and I think a pink and brown Happy Block quilt might just work. But first I have to finish piecing the above top.

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Killing time

After losing tonight (by 4 points) to Keith at Scrabble, I messed around with our new Roku player trying to get it set up to play Netflix movies. While it was a little bit of a pain to set up – it’s very cool. We rejoined Netflix and in addition to the movies they deliver on DVD, we get unlimited free *Play Instantly* movies. I’d been watching some on my laptop but the TV is better because I can bind quilts and watch.

Tonight I saw Arranged while Keith slept on the floor. I thought it was interesting and I enjoyed it. Last night on the laptop, I watch Impromptu . I wouldn’t call that one good but I did find it interesting and I spent some time looking up information on Chopin and George Sand and then downloaded some Chopin music from iTunes.

Now, I’m going to go piece blocks for the RWB quilt and maybe even get a binding made and sewn on.

Is anyone else in love with technology??

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#5 of 10

Keith got home tonight and after watching a movie with me headed up to bed and I went downstairs to finish the quilting on top #5, this is the Happy Block top that I pieced with HeartStrings over the New Year holiday. What could be more fun than Bubbles?

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Trust me on this

If you’re going to set a project aside in the middle of piecing it for 6+ months, you need to put all the info you need to resume work with it.

I SO want to start another project, I need to be loading another top to quilt, but with JudyL as an example, I decided I needed to finish this top. Unfortunately, I didn’t mange to jot my cutting instructions down….

….and it’s only partially cut out…..
….and I had this project in 3 different bins….and it’s not a project I’m doing from a book BUT there is a chart in one of my HUNDREDS of books that will quickly tell me what size I need to cut my block and from there I can figure out the rest…..

…..only I can’t find the book anywhere….I have books in 5 different rooms …on shelves …in stacks on the floor….but finally after an hour I find the ONE I’m looking for….
….trust me, if you’re going to stop working on a project before you’re done piecing it…keep your book or instructions with the rest of your project!

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No quilting yet today

I did brave the cold to walk downtown to meet Laurie for coffee….I walked very briskly and took the quick route NOT the scenic one via the river. These photos were taken the other day….but you get the idea. It was MINUS 9 (with wind chill MINUS 26) and if you’d told me a couple years ago I’d be out walking in weather like this I’d have laughed at you – but I love it and no, I didn’t even duck into the skyway!

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#4 of 10 is quilted

Well, I’m not 100% happy but I’m not unhappy with this either. The frond like feather is a little threadier in some places than I’d like but overall I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt. All the photos should enlarge when you click them.

One thing I always struggle with is the corners of my borders, on this quilt one turned out good (below) 2 aren’t bad, and 1 isn’t all that great. Notice I’m only showing the good one!

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In 3+ weeks…

Both my boys are coming to visit….I can’t wait!

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I decided to be brave

I don’t know how well you’ll be able to see the quilting in these photos but click on them to increase the size and maybe you’ll see some of what I’m attempting.

Don’t you just love the curls in this sashing? I’ve seen them on several quilts at MQ Resources and they’re just gorgeous. Mine aren’t perfect but I’m not too unhappy with them for a first attempt.
There’s a lot more of this top to be quilted so we’ll see how happy I am by the time I’m done.

By the way, as nice as it is to have someone shovel the sidewalks and driveway, and clear the stairs, there’s something creepy about having someone clomp around on your steps after midnight when you’re home alone.

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The last one

No more binding to do so I guess I’ll have to quilt something now!

This was pieced by the St. Mary’s quilters in CT for HeartStrings and it’s the one that I struggled with the other night….you’d never know that I had problems thank goodness and I’m hoping I don’t have any issues tonight when I head down to quilt.

Here’s a closeup of the leaf quilting which I really like. It’s not a densely quilted top so it should be nice and snuggly.

We had 5 inches of snow today but I didn’t get out to play in it at all. They’re calling for snow again tomorrow and our temps are dropping so I won’t go far but maybe out to the coffee shop sometime tomorrow just for a walk in it.

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The last stitch

I love quilting HeartStrings tops sent to me by Deborah to finish and donate. This was her latest one…she called it Surf and Sand and it’s quilted with the swirling/dwirling design that I like so much from the Pajama Quilter DVD.

I know I just showed you a quilt with this design but this one was quilted in November and the other one was quilted in January….it just so happened that the bindings were being finished at the same time.

Here’s a low light photo that shows the quilting a little better.

Can you believe with all these finishes, I only have one more binding to do and that’s on the one I quilted the other night. I never did get another one loaded but that will be one of my Monday tasks.

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Sunday Progress Report

Quilted the first 3 of 10 tops for January
Bound 5 quilts and am working on the 6th one
Finished up my January postcards (4)
Pieced 2 backings

No fabric purchased this week.

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Over the river and through the park

A walk in fresh snow, a pot of chili, football, another win at Scrabble and now a little binding….life doesn’t get any better!

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