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Sunday Progress report

  • K blocks finished – all from stash
  • Strips & Strings Log Cabin #2 top assembled – from my strips and strings bins
  • 8 Selvage postcards made
  • 8 postcards for my MQ Resource exchange are all in progress now
  • 18 Quilt as you Go blocks for AUS – all from stash and leftover batting
  • 2 backings pieced from stash
  • Started the brown/red Happy Blocks from stash
  • Finished my Photoshop/Digital Scrapbooking class and learned lots!

I did purchase one set of fat quarters from Suzanne’s online shop when I signed up for Deb’s class.

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Another working night

First, those log cabin blocks needed assembling. So the Sunshine and Shadows top is done and I do like how it turned out – I’ll probably love it by the time it’s quilted.

Then the Kaleidoscope blocks went up on the design wall – I’m not sure about the arrangement yet so I’m going to contemplate them for a day or two. I’m also not sure I made the best fabric selections for this quilt – I like all the fabric but I’m not getting that *circle* effect. I’ll have to plan out my next one better.

Then I decided it was playtime. It is all I can do not to cut up my entire stash using the new cutter so I’m make myself finish a top before cutting into more fabric. I had some Charm squares that Deb had given me as a gift – probably for my birthday but I can’t remember for sure and I decided they’d make a good Happy Block Quilt.

I folded a yard of fabric and in one pass – I had my red 2.5 inch strips and repeated the process for my brown ones.
I got 28 of the 48 blocks I need pieced before I had to stop – I’d been working all night and needed a break.
Since I wanted more squares for my quilt than the ones in the Charm pack – I pulled a few pinks from the stash …and look, more selvages for my collection.

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What’s your favorite color?

It’s a question I find very difficult to answer but I think it’s blue. I realized after I’d been quilting for a couple years that I was drawn to blue fabric … I still am and typically have more blue in my stash than any other color. I think I’ve learned that again though the classes I’ve been taking to learn Photoshop Elements. I want to color everything blue!

My class is over and I’m kind of sad. I’ve enjoyed learning and playing in my photos.

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More progress

After getting the design wall reassembled, I put the log cabin blocks up and started playing a little with layouts.

The uneven strips may not work for all layouts so we’ll see how far this Strips & Strings Log Cabin series goes. I decided to go with Sunshine and Shadows for these blocks and have about 1/2 of them assembled already. Right now, I have to take a break from the sewing machine.

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K blocks finished

Four more

With just a few blocks a day, my stack of Quilt as you Go blocks for
AUS grows.

More postcards

Just two more before stuffing the selvages back in the drawer.

Up all night!

I'll be up all night working and to make it fun I thought I'd share my
progress with you. First up an embroidered postcard.

Selvage projects

To get ideas for fun selvage projects like the postcards – check out Karen’s blog. You all should take a look – there are so many really cute project ideas including the Red Zinger Quilt that I’m going to make this year only I’ll be using strings not selvages for that one.

One of the recent projects featured was a cat mat made by Gail who just sent me an Airplane Art Binder as a gift.

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Yes, another class

Since I’m on a learning spree – I decided to sign up for a machine quilting class at MQ Resources. I was trying to catch up on messages last night when I saw that Deb was giving a class and by the time I saw the message it was already FULL. Luckily, Suzanne and Deb had already decided to do a second one that will start in April.

If you’ve ever followed links from my site to Deb’s blog you know she does beautiful custom quilting (yes, I’m just a bit jealous) and she’s been doing some classes and video demonstrations on the MQR list I belong to. If you’re interested, you can read the class description and sign up at Suzanne’s site but you should probably hurry, the first one sold out pretty quickly. You might want to take a look around Suzanne’s shop while you’re there, I had to toss a couple other items in my cart while I was there.

Maybe next time Deb could give me a heads up??

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Postcard fun

I’d intended to sew some when we got home from dinner last night but after watching TV for a while, and then catching up on the computer I was tired – Keith had gone to bed hours earlier but I knew I wouldn’t sleep….so what did I do? Decided I should pull out those selvages I’d been saving and make some postcards. It was fun and I could have made more but I’m tired and I’m going to head to bed.

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Random items from my day

Green and Purple are my new favorite colors! The mail today brought me all kinds of goodies. Do you remember the Airplane Art Binder I begged for someone to make for me? I got TWO in the mail today. You might think that a person would only need one of these but you’d be wrong! One will go in my laptop backpack which I carry around town when I go work at the library or the coffee shop. The other will go in my Carryon that I take with me on all of my trips.

This first one is from Gail and I did know this one was coming because she showed it on her blog but it looks even cuter in person. Thanks so much Gail!
And this one arrived today too from Marilyn. I did know that she was sending something because she asked for my address but was thrilled to open the package and find this along with a pad and colored pencils too. Thanks Marilyn! I’m just thrilled with both of them.
Finally, the mail today brought the first Postcard from my MQ Resource Exchange. I’m not done yet but Shirley is way ahead of the deadline. The Aesop Fable she chose was The Crow and the Pitcher and the moral is Little by little does the trick. Thanks Shirley!
So today, in addition to opening mail, I’ve been working my way through my *to do* list making a few blocks and piecing some backs for donated tops I have here for quilting. I always have quilts coming in and being finished and it’s not unusual due to the number of tops I have for it to take me months to get them all done but this beauty has been here too long — why, because every time I went to grab a top to quilt — I grabbed one that already had a pieced backing (Thanks to Sheree and other HeartStrings members who made them for me).

Yes, this top from Sharon has been here for MONTHS because I hadn’t gotten around to piecing a backing that was large enough for it. Today, I pulled it out, measured it, and made a big Off Center 4 Patch back for it and it WILL be quilted in March.
Poor Chesty was SO bored today – he’s sitting between my sewing table and the door.

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I like simple

I’m learning a lot in my Photoshop scrapbooking class but in the lessons we create elaborate layouts – helpful for learning but simple is more my style. It wasn’t until I’d done a couple lessons that I realized that I could make changes to suit me in the layouts but they’re still a little fancy for my taste. I did the lesson for week 4 and then reused the same focus photograph for the Wednesday challenge – this is where we create out own layout.

I’ve been working in a 5×7 format so I can print here at home and I’ve been using some of the pages I create as cards. I think this one will make a nice card.

Speaking of nice, Kathie sent me a beautiful top to quilt and donate for HeartStrings. I really appreciate the opportunity to finish and donate the tops sent to me and with the others that have arrived in the last couple weeks, I’ll have plenty of quilting to do in the next few months. I can’t wait to show you my progress.

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How can it be Thursday??

It doesn’t seem like I’m getting much done but I’m working my way through my list. I got the rest of the log cabin blocks for Version #2 pieced today but will try to finish up a couple other things before assembling the top. I did get one backing pieced also and I’m halfway through stitching my postcards for the MQ Resource exchange.

However, I took a brief break from my to do list to make a few blocks to send to Australia for quilts for those effected by the bush fires. Jan Mac is a member of HeartStrings and will be collecting some Quilt as you Go squares to assemble. So I gathered up some leftover backing scraps, some batting scraps and dug back into my string bins. I’ll probably make a few more over the next couple days before getting back to work on my list. If you’d like to help. Jan Mac has posted instructions on her blog.

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Another addiction?

I’ve been taking online photoshop/scrapbook classes and haven’t even finished the current one before signing up for a new one today.

This new one is similar to my Journal Your Christmas class that I had so much fun with in December.

My current class projects are in this online album.

Did I mention I need to spend LESS time on the computer not more? I’m going to sew right now!

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A series of quilts

My strings and leftover strips are out of control and just before my Go Cutter arrived, I started to contemplate a series of Log Cabin quilts to tame the string bins. It would be so easy for me to just play with the new Cutter and my fabric stash but I like to set goals and stick to them – gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

So I’ve decided I’ll do a series of Log Cabin quilts this year and see if I can make a dent in the strings. I’m going to work with different layouts, color options, and some variations (i.e. Courthouse Steps, Half Log Cabin) . For all of the quilts, I’ll use leftovers of various widths so there will be no cutting involved and I’ll alternate making these blocks and tops with ones I’ll make out using the new cutter.

I’ve been puttering around the last couple days getting caught up and have managed to make 30 of the 48 blocks I need for the 2nd quilt in my series. I also need to finish those last Kaleidoscope blocks this week.

So do you get bored easily and have to try lots of different patterns or do you enjoy making the same pattern in different variations? I figure if artists and art quilters can work in series; so can I.

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How do you ….

How DO you keep up with reading blogs that interest you?? I know there’s been a lot of discussion about this before but really, I just can’t keep up with all the blogs I’d like to read.

My latest is that I have about 15 blogs on my daily reading list. About 5 of those change depending on the content. If I run across one that is posting some interesting stuff, it goes on the Daily list…if one stops appealing to me…I drop it off. These are typically just *inspirational* ones with techniques or quilts that I’m drawn to.

Secondly, I try to visit the blogs of people who leave comments, I’ll click on their profile and go take a look – I don’t always comment but if you’ve received a comment right after you’ve commented on my blog…that’s why….you’ve moved to the top of the list just by commenting.

Third, when I have some spare time — I try to run through my list on Google Reader …it’s usually over 600 posts these days and I do a lot of skimming but I do try to comment some on those too.

So, how many blogs are you following and how do you manage to have a life, quilt, AND keep up with them??

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The mailman brought these right to my door this afternoon. Four beautiful tops from Barbara in FL. I’ll quilt and donate them as a part of HeartStrings.

Suzanne posted a link to a website to generate your own handwriting font (free) so of course I had to try it out. I love it! Go to Suzanne’s site to get the link if you want one of your own.

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Let’s set some goals for February

The boys are off to the airport and it’s time to get back to work. I have until the 24th when I head to Virginia to visit Mom and attend the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest to get through the following list.

  • Make postcards for MQ Resource Exchange – 3 of 8 are in process
  • Finish piecing the Kaleidoscope top
  • Quilt Ann’s wallhanging
  • Finish embroidery on Maureen’s wallhanging and sew the binding on
  • Make another set of Log Cabin strips & strings blocks
  • Piece backings for 2 donated tops that I want to get quilted next month
  • Bind San’s 1st QOV top quilted last month
  • Start washing/drying the stack of finished quilts from last month

Not a very ambitious list but if I get through it all I’ll add more to the list. In March, I’ll set a goal to quilt another 10 tops.

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Sunday’s Progress Report

  • Log cabin blocks assembled – fabric was from my string bins
  • Small Happy Block top pieced – from stash
  • Kaleidoscope blocks started – last 6 are in progress – from stash
  • 3 of 8 postcards are embroidered (a simple motif embroidered by hand)

No fabric purchased although my Go Cutter did arrive on Monday and that was a hefty expense.

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