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We had 4 and 1/2 inches of snow yesterday evening and during the night. It’s been a while so I’m happy to see it again!

On today’s agenda a visit to the beauty parlor for Chesty and lunch and errands for us while we wait for him to be groomed.

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A finish

I finished the binding on this top sent to me by San (Gypsy Quilter) for Alycia‘s Quilt of Valor project. I have a couple more tops that will be quilted next month and I should have all 3 mailed by the end of April which is when Alycia wants to have all the quilts.
On a sad note, of all the shops in my neighborhood did it have to be the wine shop that went out of business?

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Happy Friday

After being up more than 24 hours straight, I slept last night — well at least until 3AM when I started worrying about pulling stuff for our meeting today with a new tax guy so I got up and started searching through my files. This is just a preliminary meeting so I’ve got work ahead of me still once he tells me what all he needs. Keith’s former BIL has done our taxes for 20 years so I’m not exactly excited about having to go to someone new.

While I was up yesterday, I did manage to get a few things done including a haircut and some shopping. My MQResources postcards were mailed out along with a HeartStrings quilt. I got a binding on Ann’s wallhanging and just need to hand stitch it down and I worked more on piecing the scraps into a border for the K-quilt. I love how it looks but my pile of scraps is dwindling fast so I may not have enough in which case I will just stop where I am.

I’ve had a lot of great suggestions but as I said — I don’t have other yardage options from stash AND I’m not going to purchase anything. This is a quick, stash quilt for donation. I did find just enough of the purple from one of the blocks that I’m looking at for a narrow inner border assuming I can stretch the scraps far enough.

I’m going to work on bindings this morning and then walk downtown for lunch with Keith and the meeting with the tax guy and we even have dinner plans tonight with another couple — hope you all have a great day.

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Fun things in my mail today

We’ve been chatting on HeartStrings about the Mid Atlantic Quilt show, we don’t have plans to meet up but there will be several of us there and we talked about how we might recognize each other.

Today, I opened my mail and found the cutest pin from Sue (one of our coordinators) for me to wear at the quilt show. I love — it looks big in this photo but it’s just the right size — not too big to be overwhelming but just large enough to be noticeable.
I also received the marking pencil and fat quarters I ordered from Suzanne’s shop last week when I signed up for Deb’s class — and look, she wrote a note that she pulled ones with printed selvages for me. That’s what I call personal service!

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It’s done

I appreciate all the comments and support – I think I just expect more from myself because I’ve been quilting with my longarm for 6+ years now and even though I don’t do much of this type of quilting – it seems like I should be better at it than I am. The photos should enlarge when you click them.

Deb suggested these half flowers for the white portion of the log cabin block but the shape was odd for me – I wanted to try them but decided to do them in the dark where they wouldn’t show as much.
Quilting inside of applique makes me really nervous but these were very large fused shapes…I’m not completely happy with the results but they’re OK.

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The question is….

Do I not like this type of quilting because I’m not good at it….or am I not good at it because I don’t like this type of quilting (and avoid doing it)?

Tonight I’ve been quilting a wallhanging that Mom pieced for my sister Ann. I’ve had this for several months and have been avoiding finishing it but since I’m going to VA next week and Ann will be there, I decided it was time to just get it done.

I had some idea about how to quilt parts of this and Deb had some suggestions for me too (I ignored all the ones that included stitch in the ditch!).

I did break out my ruler and quilted some straight lines in the 4 patches.

Did some leaf quilting in the border and in the background around the flowers & vase where it may have been less successful. (See first photo)

I just have to reload and quilt the last couple borders but I was getting really tired and decided I should do that after a break or after sleeping.

I’m need to accept that if I’m going to quilt these types of tops that I’m just not going to be but so good. I don’t do them often enough to be really good at them and I’m trying to focus on the fact that Mom doesn’t care how I quilt them and is always happy with the results.

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I’m still reading and re-reading all the comments and pondering this quilt.

I debated leaving it as is but it looks a little unfinished to me.

I have NO fabric in my stash that would work as a wider border — and since I’m trying to use stash — It’s either the pieced border or just stopping at this point.

I do like the idea of a narrow border and I *might* be able to find something that works… had thought along the lines of the comment that suggested using the binding fabric for an inner border and then finding another binding fabric.

All great input and I appreciate the time everyone took to comment. Thanks!

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Opinions please!

I’ve got limited options here because I only have little bits of fabric left. The dark blue is gone except I have just enough for the binding.

So do I just stop now?? Or do I take the scraps and do a pieced border and end with the dark binding? The size will be OK whether I add a border or not.

Please click on the photo to enlarge. Thanks!

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I’m excited again

I mentioned I’d signed up for another online journaling class but I didn’t realize it was starting today – how great was it that one class ended as the other one began.

This is going to be SO perfect. I got the introduction and the first prompt and she wrote.

This album’s framework has three sections: Here, There and Everywhere. In the first section – Here – we’ll document the places near us and the short journeys we take regularly. The second section – There – will be home to the travels you have taken so far. Section three – Everywhere – will be filled with your notes and a few daydreams about the places you still want to go.

I love Minneapolis, I love traveling, this class is made for me. I’d actually done just one page a few months ago using a photo from my trip to Copenhagen last year…I can’t wait to start making an entire album.

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Twisting and turning

This was a quick set of blocks! I finished the last 20 tonight before turning my attention to the Kaleidoscope blocks. You can just see the Quilt as you Go blocks for Australia in the back corner of this photo — I pieced a couple of them before starting in on my blocks.

What does one do when blocks won’t play nicely with each other, separate them of course. Since I don’t like sashing blocks I usually turn to Sharon Craig’s Twist N Turn method.

The colors and fabric in this photo are not shown very well, my hallway at 3:45AM is not the best place to be taking photos. The dark fabric is a subtle dark blue/turquoise print that picks up the colors from the blocks. I’d discarded it as too dark earlier this week when I was looking for a border but between the blocks it’s working well.

I stopped working early — I’m too tired to continue but not tired enough to sleep — I’m happy with what I got done tonight so I’m going to veg now.

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