Just because….

I was feeling tired and a little down.

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15 Responses to “Just because….”

  • LizA.:

    oooh, very pretty. I like those “just because” moments.

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski:


  • Selvage Quilter:

    Hi Mary,
    Of course you’re a little down; it’s the end of March and we live in cold gray places! Garrison Kielor would know how to say it.
    But hang in there – yellow flowers are just what we need today.

  • cindyquiltsOR:

    The gold of summer sunshine! Very nice.

  • Owens Family Adventures:

    I think we are all a little down…spring cannot come fast enough.
    I’m glad you went and bought yourself some flowers…flowers always bring back the happy.
    🙂 hugs my friend,

  • *karendianne.:


  • mamaspark:

    Down?? Those flowers should perk you right up. Come over and visit and see what I’ve been up to that should cheer you right up!! It’s been a long brutal week!

  • Denise in PA:

    Mary, the flowers are beautiful and so cheery. I hope they help lift you up! I’m sending Happy Vibes your way.

  • YankeeQuilter:

    Since it is difficult to order the sun to shine surrounding yourself with bright flowers is the next best thing! Hope you feel better today…

    (my word verification is ‘scone’…what a good idea!)

  • Cher:

    sweet! hoping today finds you feeling more perky and rested.
    the quilting choices were fun to read-I love trying new quilting designs-thanks for sharing

  • Judy Laquidara:

    They’re beautiful! Hope you’re feeling rested and a whole lot better!

  • Carissa Holly:

    I am a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art and I was wondering if I could interview you for my thesis paper on quilting. If you are interested please email me at carissa_holly@yahoo.com.

    Thank you!!
    -Carissa Holly

  • Millie:

    The yellow roses are so beautiful. I wonder if it is in the air or what. I feel just like you the last few days. Hope you feel like happy flowers soon.

  • gquilts:

    what a gorgeous just because and gives you feeling of warmth and spring!

    Those are gorgeous Mary!


  • Brenda:

    I think I need a just because moment. They are beautiful.

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