Coffee or tea?

The highlight of my day was getting my replacement brewer in — ours died a few days ago and I’ve been without my hot tea for too long. Keith loves coffee, I drink tea and we want it all different hours so the single K cup brewers work great for us.

I’m in a slump…not much progress going on but I’m going to try and get another top done tonight since my body still seems to be on the *night* shift. I think I’ll carry a cup of tea down with me!

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5 Responses to “Coffee or tea?”

  • karenfae:

    do you have a link for that coffee pot? We use a single cup maker also that actually uses coffee grounds not pods but it doesn’t seem to be working so good anymore and we might be needing a new one soon, I need to start looking around for one.

  • passingdowncrazy:

    I love my Keuring! I’m drinking a cup of coffee right now.

  • AverettLadyNana:

    My son-in-law wanted one for Christmas. I got it at Costco for him. I had a rewards check from them and got me one a couple weeks ago. I am IN LOVE!!! Perfect as DH doesn’t drink hot tea or coffee. Does drink hot cocoa. I love all three. I have a large mug…I do a large mug setting for the extra bold coffee in it and then do a small cup of cocoa in the same large mug. Talk about GOOD! Squirt some Readi Whip on top and HEAVEN!!!

  • karenfae:

    do you have to use the special coffee pods with this maker?

  • heather fish:

    I’ve debated buying one of these but hate the cost per pod for the coffee… but also am over the inferior coffee of my $20 Mr. Coffee and hate to shell out the several hundred for a truly deluxe coffee maker…

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