#3 is on the machine and in progress

Been a while since I simply meandered a quilt — this photo isn’t the best but it’s looking OK. The thread matches the fabric exactly so I’ve been quilting with the lights off with just the side lighting from the window but I’m losing the light so I probably won’t get this done until I come back from Nebraska.

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9 Responses to “#3 is on the machine and in progress”

  • ~ Phyllis ~:

    That’s lovely meandering. That is something that I want to learn to do.

  • Silverthimble:

    I can totally relate to the difficulty of seeing the thread on a quilt top when it matches so perfectly. The meandering on this quilt is adding just the right amount of texture to the quilt! Well done!

  • Quiltin' LibraryLady:

    Have a safe trip to Nebr. Flicsha told me Jennifer will pick me up at 6am Sat. morning………..I AM NOT a morning person…….Looking forward to it though.

  • mau:

    Enjoy your trip…next time turn on the light…LOL

  • The Calico Cat:

    I like it, you have a nice stipple.

  • Darcie:

    I quilt *in the dark* a lot too. lol Funny thought, isn’t it! What we do for quilts, eh?!

    Happy travels to you, Mary!

  • Donna:

    Very pretty! I like the red and white. Have a good trip. A strings sew-in sounds like fun!

  • Angie:

    That is sure a pretty shade of red fabric, Mary. It’s nice to just meander quilt once in awhile. It looks really nice!

  • Stitch-n-quilt:

    I like the way you quilted this in leaving the white blocks free of quilting. It makes them stand out nicely, which I really noticed in the photo in May of the whole quilt.

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