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I’m having the best time

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Reading all these comments on hair coloring has been interesting and fun. Thanks for taking the time to write.

I don’t plan to color my hair — I was just surprised to see in the photos that I’m more gray than I thought! I have colored my hair in the past for fun but it does take time and $$ for upkeep and I’d rather spend both reading or quilting.

Keith loves it the way it is and my hairdresser is adamant that I don’t color it (he says it looks great as it is).

Of course, as I’ve gotten older and wiser – I try NOT to say I’ll never do something. I’m just a little shy of 48 and I’ll have to see how I feel in a few years when I’m more gray than brown but I’m thinking I’ll be lucky because my hair is really more white than gray.

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I worked today

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But no quilt photos to show — you’ve seen enough photos of Adam’s quilt in progress and as of today I’m half way through joining the rows for the 12×12 section and then I’ll need to add 3 more rows.

I also made and sewed bindings on 3 quilts — and have one already stitched down except for the corner where the label goes – I need to print some more labels so you’ll see that one tomorrow.

So since I don’t have much on the quilting front to talk about I’ll ask a personal question. Do you color your hair? to cover gray?

I don’t — too much time and money and the gray doesn’t bother me for the most part but….I’m wondering how I’ll feel when I have more gray than brown. It was windy in Ireland and I was surprised at how gray my hair looked in a lot of the photos. This first one is what I usually see in the mirror and I’m OK with it.

As this next photo shows, I have a lot more gray underneath than I do brown.

It’s not unusual for people to tell me I should color my hair but I don’t think I’m going to change my mind.

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Celebrity sightings

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Since I don’t have anything interesting to report from my day (going through mail, paying bills, creating some collages for a birthday, talking to Mom on the phone, packing up quilts and gifts to ship out tomorrow) I’ll share my celebrity sightings – tonight we had dinner in a neighborhood restaurant and saw both Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats and Al Franken.

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More Fans

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This is Mom’s quilt – very soft and feminine looking and the Baptist Fans look great on it. For this quilt – I used my Circle Lord template.

Don’t you just love the texture?
This is top #1 of 10 and I also made and machine stitched the binding on the 2nd of the quilts waiting for binding. I’ll start stitching it down tonight when we’re watching a movie. You guys have made me a little nervous about whether I can get through my list by May 31 but I’m going to give it my best shot and today was a very productive day.

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Yes, I did sew today

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On and off I read about people being in a quilting slump – I find for myself the more I get done the more motivated I am to work…so having not sewn anything in the last week or so I haven’t really been motivated to quilt but today I turned on the sewing machine and worked on assembling the blocks to Adam’s Boxed Squares. Of course it doesn’t help that assembling blocks into tops is one of my least favorite tasks so it’s easy to procrastinate.

Another motivating factor for me are my lists – so here’s the new one. Since I’ve been traveling this month and I’ll be traveling again in May, I’m going to try and accomplish the following by May 31st.

  • Quilt 10 tops
  • Bind quilts – I have 8 here that need binding plus once I start quilting that number will climb so lets set this goal at 10 quilts.
  • Complete Adam’s Boxed Squares tops — I have to assemble what’s on the design wall, make blocks for another 3 rows and assemble them, and put a border on it.
  • Make more QAYG blocks for Australia – I have until the end of April for this HeartStrings project
  • Make a set of 48 log cabin blocks from my strings.

Once I get going I should pick up some steam!

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