I did the math after I started (typical for me) and I don’t have enough pink….unfortunately the pink is a shade that I don’t have much of in my stash so I’m thinking about adding some red to the pink blocks rather than changing the size of the quilt.

I like this first version best I think — the only difference is where the two blocks come together — I like the pink in this one versus the red in the next one so the only red in # 1 would be the pinwheels.

By the way, red pink and brown is not a combination I’d have come up with on my own ….remember this happy block top I made from a charm pack a few months ago??

Edit: Cbear suggested brown pinwheels — another good choice I think. I’ll be writing instructions for this quilt and will post all the different color options regardless of which I end up with. I hope someone will make it in pink & green.

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6 Responses to “Oops”

  • Vicki W:

    I’ve got some chunks of pink left over from another project. I hate pink. Do you want them? They can be in the mail tomorrow!

  • sewali:

    Interesting, I wouldn't have thought to put red with pink & brown, but it works. I prefer #1 too.

  • CBear:

    i like option one best, as well.

    do you have enough brown to do the centers that you have as red in brown? what would that look like?

  • Deb:

    take Vicki’s pinks……

  • meggie:

    So many variations with just a change of colour.

  • YankeeQuilter:

    I’ll start pulling some pinks and greens in anticipation of the directions! I love that color combo!

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