Carolina Lily

My Carolina Lily quilt came home to me today. Pieced several years ago by Mom, I kept waiting until my quilting was *good* enough — this top has a LOT of white space and filling white space just isn’t one of my strengths!

Deb agreed to quilt it for me and as usual did a beautiful job. Sorry for not having a better photo but both photos should enlarge if you click on them.

Keith kept saying WOW when I opened the box…first just looking at the overall quilt, pattern, and colors and then looking at the quilting. I finally had to tell him to shut up or he’d hurt my feelings 🙂

Thanks Mom and Deb, I’ll treasure it always!

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32 Responses to “Carolina Lily”

  • realmenquilt:

    It’s so beautiful! This is on my list of quilts to make one day!

  • Anonymous:

    OMG … that is one GORGEOUS quilt. I can imagine that it’s one you’ll treasure always. I have always, always, always loved that pattern. Sometimes we forget how beautiful “simplicity” can truly be.

    Flatlander (Linda)

  • Rose H.:

    I agree, the quilt is extremely beautiful. Have never seen the Lily in such a gorgeous color–usually they are lighter shades. This quilt a WOW, WOW, WOW!! A treasure for sure.

  • Kim:

    Mary, no doubt you are a very talented quilter, but I just have to echo what Keith said. Wow. The color, design, piecing and quilting is all very stunning.

  • jan:

    Hi Mary,
    Of course it is stunning, but why oh why didnt you quilt it yourself. A real family Quilt it would have been.
    And what pray is wrong with your quilting? Looks great to me. Sending a slap to your hubby for making you feel down.
    I think your quilting would hold up Mary. Stop putting yourself down girl. lol Jan

  • kate:

    It’s gorgeous…lucky you!

    And I would take your quilting skill any day, girl!

  • Vicki W:

    It’s so beautiful!

  • Diana:

    It is beautiful! What a lucky sister you are! (Deb too). I’ve always wanted to make a Carolina Lily Quilt. Hopefully one day I will.

  • onlymehere:

    This is so beautiful in every way! Cindy

  • Deb:

    Glad you liked it when you finally got to see it in person. Mom did a great job on the piecing and applique.

    And you can throw it in the washer/dryer to get the packing wrinkles out….I already washed it once, so I know the reds don’t bleed… whew!

  • Alycia:

    WOW! Can I have Deb as a sister?

  • JuJu:

    Mary, it’s beautiful. That is a gift of love from Mom and Deb. Your entire family is very talented, each has their own way of showing it.

  • bingo~bonnie:

    What a treasure for sure… that it was made by two people you love so much and share the love of quilting with 🙂

    and funny about Keith’s WOW’s… I’d be happy with just 1 wow from my husband over anything I’ve shown him… I’m lucky if I get a “that’s neat” :/

    Happy Weekend and Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  • Ariane:

    Wow!! This quilt is beautiful. It’s definitely a treasure. You are very lucky to have it. Just amazing!!!

  • dianne:

    ummmm …. i can’t think of any thing to say except … STUNNING!!! and, of course, WOW!

  • Quiltin' LibraryLady:

    A true heirloom. Your sister is an incredible quilter.

  • Loretta:

    Mary, I had seen the quilt on Deb’s blog, so I looked for it at MQS, and yes, it is breathtakingly beautiful. Lucky you!!

  • Judy Laquidara:

    And, I’m betting future generations will cherish it. It is absolutely gorgeous! The piecing, the quilting . . WOW!

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski:

    What a gorgeous quilt!

  • Judy:

    FAB U LOUS!!! It is beautiful Mary.

  • QuiltSue:

    What a wonderful quilt. I’m sure you will treasure it always, but from what I’ve seen on your blog I think you could definitely have quilted it just as beautifully yourself.

  • Tanya:

    Beautiful quilting! And a gift of love!

  • szkornelia:

    It reqally turned out beautiful. Congratulation!

  • Joanne:

    Wow — I want to quilt like Deb when I grow up. (Do you think I’ll still be trying to quilt on the longarm when I’m 80?!)
    What a beautiful quilt – your mother did a wonderful job, too!

  • Elaine Adair:

    WOW is right!

  • SueR:

    Deb did a wonderful job quilting your quilt–it’s beautiful!

  • Lori in South Dakota:

    what an heirloom. And Deb is an artist! I would waver between packing it away forever, or putting it where I could see it all the time. Okay–get it out to see it all the time wins!

  • Ruth's Place:

    Oh, it’s stunning!

  • *karendianne.:

    Now this, this is a quilt that warms the heart and soul. It’s beyond impressive, Mary. It’s radiant. I’m inclined to ask about the label… 😉

  • The Calico Cat:

    "Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!" Or "Deb! Deb! Deb!" as the case may be… (All of us with sister's have been there!)

    it is a lovely job, you are lucky to have a piece that you mom & sister made for you!

  • Marilyn:

    Keith nailed it. Oh my gosh. You are one lucky gal.

  • sewkalico:

    One of my all-time favourite quilt designs and this one is awesome!

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