Which would you pick?

I was talking to Adam the other night and he mentioned again that he’d really like a quilt for his girlfriend so I told him I’d send an email with several tops that I already had pieced and they could choose one for me to finish for Lindsey.
So these were the 5 choices I sent ….. which one would you have chosen?
(Photos will enlarge if you click on them)

They surprised me by choosing the Hearts and Strings top inspired by this quilt by Sandy Bonsib so it’s on the design wall for me to measure and pick out a backing. Although I haven’t made any promises, the goal is to quilt it when I get back from this next trip and take it when we see them the last week of July.

47 thoughts on “Which would you pick?

  1. Karen

    My first choice was the heart one but didn't know how serious the relationship is. Otherwise it would have been the red & green one above it.

  2. Anonymous

    That was my choice too. I love that quilt.
    Good luck. I made a quilt for my son's girlfriend after she visited us in Alaska. They have now been married 8 years and I have four beautiful grandchildren.
    Diane in Alaska

  3. Jessica

    aawww, it must be love! 🙂
    Personally, I would have picked the Boxed Squares, but then, I wouldn't share it with my husband, either!! LOL!!

  4. Stitch-n-quilt

    That heart quilt was also the one I picked. It seems like most of us pick the same.

  5. Ann J

    Hi Mary! Bottom right is the one I'd pick – it's just so full of movement! What a great pattern!!
    Luv ……..AJ

  6. Shogun

    Since I don't know them it is hard to choose what THEY might like.

    But the one I love is the bottom right!!

  7. Jackie Russell

    SInce I don't know them it would be hard for me to guess too. I love the one on the bottom right.

  8. Purple Quilter Queen

    That's the one I picked before I even read which one he chose! They are all beautiful Mary! I'm sure she will treasure anything.

  9. animal lover, quilt lover

    I had picked the heart one, only besause it was for a gal from a guy. But I am with the other quilters, the bottom right is the most interesting.

  10. Quilter Kathy

    They are all wonderful…let's see…
    I think a "girly girl" would pick the pink boxes.
    I think the hearts quilt is great too, but maybe she's picking that one because she is in love with Adam??
    I really like the green and red one, but maybe it's also because I love that photo of the quilt beside the geraniums!
    The blue and purple would match my bedroom the best, but at this point in time, I think I would probably pick the one on the right with the green border because it is the most visually interesting to me.
    It's very generous of you to give away one of your quilts! It was fun to think about which one I would pick!

  11. Lisa

    The hearts and strings would have been my first choice, too! However, any one of them would be a great choice!

  12. sewali

    The green and red one pictured on your balcony – every time! But then green's my favourite colour LOL. They're all lovely and she's a lucky girl.

  13. Tina

    My favorite is the green one with splashes of red. My kitchen is that shade of green and I just love it!

  14. YankeeQuilter

    I like the green and red on the baloney but the one they picked is wonderful too!

  15. jan

    That was the one I had picked out MAry, it is beautiful, well they all are, but this one is definitely a 'youngsters' Quilt I think. Must be lurve…..
    lol Jan x
    Is there a pattern for this one, I wouldn't mind it myself actually. Cheeky aren't I? Don't answer that….

  16. Owens Family Adventures

    As soon as I clicked on your blog the heart quilt jumped out at me and I thought Wow! I like that one!! 🙂 I would have picked it too. The colors just pop out at you.
    Love the new picture of you!!!

  17. Anonymous

    The green and red one hanging on the balcony by the geraniums … if you need a home for it I'll be glad to volunteer 😉


  18. Susan D

    I would've picked the green with Red one on the balcony railing. I've always liked that quilt….

  19. Yuki

    Wow! You are generous! They are all great choices but I would have chosen the heart one, too.

    ttfn 🙂 Yuki

  20. Magnolia Bay Quilts

    The colors in the balcony quilt make me happy, but I'm really intrigued by the quilt on the bottom right. Very interesting.

  21. heather fish

    Lucky girlfriend. I'd have chosen the one in the middle on the right. Feels funky & fun to me…. maybe since it wasn't spoken for you ought to send it down to me 😉

  22. QuiltSue

    I'd have chosen the Red Geranium quilt on your balcony, just cos I love it and cos it's hot and humid here today and the colours of that quilt are lovely and fresh.

  23. TeresaQuilts@JUNO.COM

    The turqouise/ blue would be my choice – but then, those are mr favorite colors currently 🙂 The hearts would be the second choice – such a happy quilt and what young woman doesn't like hearts?

    You are a dear for doing this for a girlfriend. I am getting to teach my son's girlfriend to quilt! And I am thrilled that she wants to learn. Her project will be a gift for a friend who is expecting her first child in December. Plenty of time to hand quilt a small piece.

    Happy stitching!

  24. Julia

    I love them all, but I would have picked the one pictured by the geraniums. I love that one!!! I have some of that same fabric, I really need to get mine made! How nice to have some quilt tops on hand for gifts. :~)

  25. Denise in PA

    They are all great quilts – and you gave them quite a diverse choice. Me, I would have picked the quilt on the terrace (but then I've been admiring that one on your blog for a while o:)

  26. Mary

    They are all great quilts but I like the Heart and strings the best! I like the colors in it, bright and fun but simple lines. Lucky girlfriend. I hope she is a nice gal.
    Mary in AZ

  27. swooze

    I would have picked the pink and green. So pretty. But seeing how it was for a romantic attachment the hearts make sense!

  28. quiltmom

    I love the heart quilt- very fun and bright.
    Your son and his girlfriend are going to be very lucky owners.

  29. *karendianne.

    That's very cool of you to do this for them. I would have picked teh red one becuase I just assume everyone likes red. We know what assuming does!

  30. Cindy Bennett

    My personal choice would be the blue/pinwheels quilt. Boy to girl: the hearts and strings.

    I was surprised the pinwheels one went largely uncommented on.

  31. Kelly

    My favourite is the heart quilt and then after that it's the green and red one that you made recently.

    Are you planning on making a pattern for the heart quilt at all?

  32. meggie

    I must get my spider web finished!!!
    I love the one they chose, & thought a 'happy couple' might choose that.
    I love them all, of course!

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